Heat Treatment Lab

This lab contains a number of furnaces capable of operating at temperatures between 66oC and 1400oC. 

Safety Tips



Lindberg Muffle Furnace (51442)
  • Maximum Temperature 1200o
  • Vol: 5"H x 7"W x 14"FB


MTI High Temperature Furnace

  • Maximum Temperature 1700oC
  • Continuous Use Temperature 1600oC



Lindberg Blue M High Temp Furnace

  • Temperature range: Up to 1700 oC
  • Continuous Use Temperature 1600oC

Lindberg High Temp Furnace

MTI Medium Temperature Furnace

  • Temperature range: Up to 1400 oC
  • Continuous Use Temperature 1300oC

Vulcan Muffle Furnace
  • Temperature range: up to 1000oC
  • Chamber dimensions are 5"w x 6"d x 4"h

Thermo Crucible Furnace

  • Temperature range: Up to 1200 oC
  • Continuous Use Temperature 1100oC



Powere-Trak (15-96 R)
  • RF induction furnace (15 kw, 9.60 kHz)
  • Designed for rapid melting of metals and other conductive materials

Induction Furnace


  • RF induction vacuum furnace
  • Designed for rapid melting and casting of metals and other conductive materials






Working with High Temperature Equipment and Furnaces

1. Remember that below about 800°C, hot materials do not “glow.” Therefore, be very cautious when picking up anything in the vicinity of a furnace.

2. When you remove a piece from a furnace and place it on the bench to cool, place one of the metal “HOT” signs nearby.

3. Red hot graphite will ignite if removed from a hot furnace into the open air.

4. Do not try to remove an alumina crucible from a furnace that is above 500°C. These crucibles have small thermal coefficients of expansion and may crack or shatter.

5. Never pour water onto molten metal. You may get burned by spattering water and/or metal.

6. Never charge a metal melt with cold scrap. Always pre-heat the charge before adding it to the molten metal.

7. Never look into a crucible of molten metal without a face shield. And always wear full protective gear (glasses, gloves, apron, face shield) when handling or pouring molten metal.