Kevin P. Trumble

Research Interests

Current research is focused on microstructure development in materials processing, especially the role of interfaces: (1) fundamentals of wetting and infiltration in processing metal-ceramic composites; (2) colloidal processing of ceramics and ceramic composites; (3) ultrafine grained metals via machining; (4) microstructure studies on catalyst materials and (5) microstructure development in meteorites.

Recent Publications

J. B. Mann, C. Saldana, S. Chandrasekar, W. D. Compton and K. P. Trumble, Metal Particulate Production by Modulation-Assisted Machining, Scripta Materialia, in press.

M.R. Shankar, R. Verma, B.C. Rao, S. Chandrasekar, W. D. Compton, A.H. King, and K. P. Trumble, “Severe Plastic Deformation in Difficult-to-Deform Materials at Near-Ambient Temperatures,” Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, in press.

H. J. Kim, M. J. M. Krane, K. P. Trumble, and K. J. Bowman, “Analytical Fluid Flow Models for Tape Casting,” Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 89 [9], 2769-2775 (2006).

R. Shao, M. J. M. Krane, and K. P. Trumble, "Infiltration and Directional Solidification of CMSX-4 Through a Particulate Ceramic Preform," Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, 36A [9], 2461-2470 (2005).