MSE 690 Graduate Seminar


MSE 690 Graduate Seminar

Spring 2012

The goal of the MSE 690 seminar is to promote interest in research and engage discussion of science and engineering in the field of materials as well as to serve as a forum for faculty and graduate students related to the MSE graduate program.  In addition to traditional research seminars, MSE 690 will include tutorials on particular research techniques, and fulfillment of graduate program objectives. 

Fall Semester Graduate Research Symposium

As was done last year a graduate student research symposium with short talks and/ or posters is planned immediately following the conclusion of spring semester.  Details will follow.

Requirements for each semester:

Each MSE graduate student who does not defend his or her thesis during the semester is required to report his or her attendance at a total of 12 of any of the following: MSE 690 seminars or tutorials, other seminar activities, science or engineering thesis defenses or oral preliminary exam presentations.

-Of the 12 seminars at least four are expected to consist of seminars occurring in one of the Monday or Friday MSE 690 timeslots.

-Attending talks at a professional society meeting or poster sessions or conferences held at Purdue can be counted toward the 12 seminars. One conference talk or poster session per day of attendance at a conference can be counted.

-Attendance at required graduate program meetings (regarding safety, ethics, etc.) can be counted towards the 12 seminars.  These seminars can be in MSE or outside of MSE and they can include academic talks beyond natural sciences and engineering, although they cannot be part of credit obtained for other coursework.

To document each of the 12 seminars please fill out the small worksheet on the next page and turn it into Patti Finney.  A failure to fulfill the requirement of documenting attendance at 12 seminars (or equivalent) can result in an incomplete in MSE 690. 

Seminars will be announced via postings, e-mail and the school website.