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A full list of publications and citation statistics for Dr. Joseph Rispoli is provided on Google Scholar.

Selected Publications

  1. X. Li, J.V. Rispoli, "Safety Assessment of Breast MRI: Simulations of Radiofrequency Exposure in Various Prone-Position Female Human Models," Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, in press (2018).
  2. J.V. Rispoli, I.E. Dimitrov, S. Cheshkov, C. Malloy, S.M. Wright, M.P. McDougall, "Trap design and construction for high-power multinuclear magnetic resonance experiments," Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part B: Magnetic Resonance Engineering, 2016.
  3. S. By, J. V. Rispoli, S. Cheshkov, I. Dimitrov, J. Cui, S. Seiler, et al., "A 16-channel receive, Forced Current Excitation dual-transmit coil for breast imaging at 7T," PLOS ONE, vol. 9, p. e113969, 2014.
  4. M. P. McDougall, S. Cheshkov, J. Rispoli, C. Malloy, I. Dimitrov, and S. M. Wright, "Quadrature transmit coil for breast imaging at 7 tesla using forced current excitation for improved homogeneity," Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, vol. 40, pp. 1165-1173, 2014.


  1. J. Rispoli and T. Nguyen, "System and method for adaptively setting connections to input/output hubs within an information handling system," ed: US Patent 8,285,893, 2012.
  2. J. Rispoli and A. Carpenter, "Apparatus and method for setting adequate drive strength based upon DC trace resistance," ed: US Patent 7,548,433, 2009.