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Building Moisture and Heat Transfer Analysis Tool
(for Residential Buildings)

Current Version: BMOIST 1.0

BMOIST 1.0 simulates an entire residential building and predicts time-varying moisture and temperature profiles within the exterior envelope. In addition to one-dimensional transfer of heat and moisture models for the building envelope elements, it uses overall heat and moisture balances for air within each floor of the building to determine time-varying interior temperatures and humidities. The overall balances include the effects of air infiltration, indoor heat and moisture generation, indoor HVAC equipment, and moisture/energy storage associated within internal materials. BMOIST also includes an unconditioned attic space. The air infiltration model includes the effects of wind and thermal gradients. Each floor within the building is assumed to be fully mixed but the model does consider air flow between floors and determines separate interior temperatures and humidities for each floor. Users can change the overall description of the building, wall constructions, location, thermostat settings, etc. and investigate their effects on moisture accumulation within building envelopes. For example the impact of the location of a vapor retarder can be investigated for different different climates.

Download BMOIST 1.0