Multiple-Institution Database for Investigating Engineering Longitudinal Development



Affliated Researchers

Tim Anderson, University of Florida,  Chemical Engineering, Distinguished Professor.
Catherine Brawner, Research Triangle Educational Consultants, President.
Rebecca Brent, Education Designs, President.
Brock Barry, United States Military Academy at West Point, Civil Engineering, Assistant Professor.
Michelle Madsen Camacho, University of San Diego, Sociology.
Ronnie Chrestman, Clemson University, Office of Institutional Research, Lecturer.
Clemencia Cosentino, Mathematica Policy Research.
Demetra Evangelou, Purdue University, Engineering Education, Assistant Professor.
Sharron Frillman, Purdue University, Graduate Fellow.
Linda Hagedorn, Iowa State University, Research Institute for Studies in Higher Education, Professor & Director.
Richard Layton, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Center for the Practice and Scholarship of Education & Mechanical Engineering, Director & Associate Professor.
Susan Lord, University of San Diego, Electrical Engineering.
Valerie Lundy-Wagner, New York University, Administration, Leadership & Technology, Faculty Fellow.
YoungKyoung Min, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, Senior Research Scientist..
Catherine Mobley, Clemson University, Sociology, Associate Professor
Kevin Mumford, Purdue University, Krannert School of Business, Economics, Assistant Professor.
Ida Ngambeki, Purdue University, Engineering Education, Graduate Scholar.
Cindy Veenstra, Veenstra and Associates, Director.
Mara Wasburn, deceased 2011, Purdue University, Organizational Leadership & Policies.
Catherine Watt, Clemson University, The Strom Thurmond Institute of Government & Public Affairs, Director of the Alliance for Research on Higher Education.
Guili Zhang, East Carolina University, Curriculum and Instruction, Assistant Professor

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