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Sina Moghaddam

imagePh.D. Student
B.S., Sharif University of Technology, Iran, 2010

Office Address:
585 Purdue Mall
ME Room# G005
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Office Phone: 765-494-0308

email: smobashe@purdue.edu


Analytical modeling of Fretting Wear- reciprocal motion of two bodies over each other causes wear, and this phenomenon can expedite crack initiation and failure. The purpose of this study is to model the fretting wear using FEM. The focus of the research is more on the elastic behavior of the materials.

Models with different surface roughness values are created to investigate the difference in their response to loading and reciprocal motion under flat-flat and Hertzian contacts.

Experimental Tests for Torsion Fatigue- Torsion Fatigue is one of the important types of fatigue that can result in failure in industrial machines. Also, the results of the torsion fatigue tests can be useful to investigate the Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) because the main effective factor in both cases is the shear stress.

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