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Abhishek Barat

 B. Tech: Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (NIT-B), India, 2009

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Investigation of the effect of Surface Roughness on Friction and Fretting Wear

Fretting occurs when two contacting bodies undergo small amplitude oscillatory motion. This is commonly observed in a variety of machine components such as couplings, bearings seals, clutches and spindles. It is a complicated process and depends on a host of factors such as displacement amplitude, normal load, contact geometry, vibrational frequency as well as surrounding environmental conditions. Depending on the above mentioned factors, damage to surface due to fretting can be characterized as fretting fatigue, fretting wear and fretting corrosion. This fretting damage can be mitigated by application of various surface treatment methods and thus surface roughness plays an important role in increasing the fretting resistance. The purpose of this investigation is to carry out an experimental study of how find out surface roughness influences the behavior of friction on when fretting regime transitions from partial to gross slip. This will be helpful in controlling the regime change and thus controlling the fretting resistance. The second part of this study is to ascertain the effect of surface roughness on the fretting wear behavior of the surface which will help us in controlling fretting wear which is responsible for the major industrial losses in today’s world.

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