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Abdullah Alazemi

Ph.D. Student
B.S., Kuwait University, Kuwait, 2006

Office Address:
585 Purdue Mall
ME Room# G005
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Office Phone: 765-494-0308

email: aalazemi@purdue.edu


Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Friction on the Microscale

Friction is the resistance to motion that is experienced whenever one body slides over another. Friction phenomena is observed in every mechanical system. Yet there is a lack of complete understanding of friction nature and behavior. The purpose of my investigation is develop an experimental test rig and numerical model to study the onset of friction on the nano and micro scale. A micro friction test rig (MFTR) was designed and constructed to study friction at the micro scale for a ball on flat configuration at low applied normal load and low sliding velocity. The MFTR allows in situ observation of the real contact area and works under different lubrication conditions. The difference between static friction and dynamic friction can be related to the presence of adhesion forces between contact surfaces. Nanoscale friction and adhesion investigations are performed numerically using molecular dynamic (MD) simulation and experimentally using atomic force microscopy (AFM). Furthermore, the effect of submicron solid particles on friction and wear was investigated. Carbon spheres with submicron diameter are studied as a potential oil additives for friction and wear reduction.

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