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Experimental Tests for Rolling Contact Fatigue

Sina Moghaddam

Torsion fatigue is a major type of failure in industry. Moreover, it can be used as a relatively easy method to investigate some characteristics of Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) because they may be similar to some extent as the shear stress is the main result of failure in both cases. We are doing a series of experimental tests on different types of materials. The tests are conducted from static failure to high cycle fatigue tests. These results provide us with a unique database for fatigue failure at METL.

Also, temperature and electrical resistance measurements are going to be done during each test to get the Woehler Curves needed for a fatigue life calculation method (PHYBAL).

Figure-1 shows some of the experimental results on 100Cr6 bearing steel. The failure section is shown in Figure-2.


Figure 1- Experimental test results for 100Cr6 bearing steel



Figure 2-Failure section of a specimen

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