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November 2013

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METL Agenda

Session 1:  Rolling Contact Fatigue

Effects of Crystal Elasticity on Rolling Contact Fatigue (Neil Paulson)

Effect of Mean Stress on Rolling Contact Fatigue (Sina Moghaddam)

Effect of Retained Austenite and Residual Stress on Rolling Contact Fatigue (Yi Shen)

Metallurgical Properties of 8620 Case-Hardened Steel (Kristin Paulson)

Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Transient Friction (Abdullah Alazemi)

Effects of Refurbishment on the Fatigue Life of Bearings (Nathan Evans)


Session 2:  Dynamics of Rotating Machinery

Dynamic Performance of Turbocharger Rotor-Bearing Systems (Matthew Brouwer)

Bearing Temperature Measurement and Dynamic Modeling (Lijun Cao)

Sensor Development for a Wind Turbine Bearing (David Arseneau)


Session 3:  Fretting Fatigue and Wear

Third Body Modeling Using the Combined Finite Discrete Element Approach (Benjamin Leonard)

Damage Mechanics and Fracture Mechanics Approach to Model Fretting Wear (Arnab Ghosh)

An Experimental Study and Fatigue Damage Model for Fretting Fatigue (Aditya Walvekar)

Effect of Polishing on the Performance of Coatings in Fretting Wear (Abhishek Barat)

Experimental Study of Third Body Entrapment and Its Effect on Friction and Wear (Michelle Wang)


Session 4:  Lubrication and Surface Modification

Thermal-viscous Effects in Pocketed Thrust Washers (Andrew Cross)

Port Plate Analysis for an Axial Piston Pump (David Richardson)

Fundamentals of Hydrodynamic Lubrication (Chris Jia)

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