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Wet Clutch Dynamic Testing Rig

The wet clutch dynamic testing rig (WDCTR) was designed and developed to study the engagement dynamics of wet clutches in automotive transmissions.

The machine was designed and constructed in modular sections to facilitate use in different applications. It consists of an inverter drive system capable of speeds from 120 to 6000 revolutins per minute, a magnetic clutch which allows the motor to be decoupled from the driveline during wet clutch engagement, a flywheel provides inertial loading, a test cell which contains wet clutch components and ATF, an air cylinder with regulated supply to apply loads in the thousands of pounds, a vertical carriage to accurately move the wet clutch components together.

Support equipment includes a Macintosh computer with National Instruments LabVIEW software to completely control the engagement and data collection during each test.

The steps in an engagement are as follows:

  • 1. Connect the motor to the rotating shaft by engaging the magnetic clutch

  • 2. Bring the motor to the specified speed

  • 3. Disconnect the magnetic clutch

  • 4. Begin data collection with LabVIEW

  • 5. Turn off power to the motor to reduce electrical interference

  • 6. Engage the clutch surfaces

  • 7. Complete data acquisition and disengage the clutch.

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