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Orbiting Thrust Washer Tester

Orbital thrust washer tester is an apparatus to evaluate friction characteristics of parallel surface thrust bearings in which the top plate under going orbiting motion. Orbiting thrust bearings are usually encountered in scroll compressors. OTWT is equipped with following accessories

* Digital servo motor drive: It is a variable speed digital servo motor used for accurate speed control.

* Single Element Multi-component Dynamometer (Transducer) :  MC3A sensor  is one of the smallest multi-component force transducers having high stiffness, sensitivity, low cross talk, and excellent repeatability. This transducer is one in which six outputs  (three forces and three moments) can be acquired in digital or analog form.

* Digital Signal conditioner: It is a six channel strain gage amplifier with analog as well as digital amplifier data output. It is specifically designed to interface with the above six channel platform (Transducer). This digital amplifier provides bridge excitations, low level signal amplification, a suit of in built hardware filters and signal conditioning algorithms designed to provide the highest quality signal with low noise. It has a selectable gains ranging from 1000 to 8000 and excitation voltages ranging from 1 to 10 V. It has an internal analog to digital converter sampling six inputs signals at an aggregate rate of 96000 samples per second, thus the amplifier provides a throughput of 16000 datasets per seconds/channel.





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