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Gear Test Rig

The gear test rig has been designed and developed to investigate temperature and pressure distributions at different locations in gear tooth contacts. This is achieved using thin film micro-sensors, fabricated using the RF Sputter Coating Machine.
The test rig, essentially consists of a gearbox containing a pair of helical and spur gears on two coaxial shafts. The shafts are appropriately instrumented to measure strain, torque and speed. This is in addition to the micro-sensors to be developed on the test gear for temperature and pressure measurements. The gearbox is driven by a 10HP, 1760 rpm motor, which is controlled by a vector control drive. The gears are loaded by means of a hydraulic jack on one of the shafts. It consists of a manual screw and block cylinder. Through this mechanism, the hydraulic pressure is converted into an axial displacement of the shaft thus applying radial load on the gear teeth. We thus can obtain temperature and pressure under different loads and speeds during operation. Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is used to lubricate the gears.Support equipment consists of a PC with National Instruments LabVIEW data acquisition software and drive software for controlling motor parameters.

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