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Cage Friction Test Rig

The cage friction test rig (CFTR) is used to measure friction between ball and cage pocket of a bearing under various operating conditions. The loads at the ball-cage interface are applied using the loading arm. The horizontal and vertical traverse mechanisms are used for motion adjustment



Cage Friction Test Rig setup


The CFTR is run by a one horsepower, 3450 rpm motor. Speeds of the order of 10000 rpm are achieved by speed step up (3:1) arrangement using a set of pulleys and a belt drive.

The coefficient of friction between the ball and the cage pocket is measured by determining the torque developed on account of the force of friction.


Top view of the horizontal traverse mechanism
Vertical traverse mechanism

Closer look at the ball-cage pocket contact

The data from the CFTR is acquired using LABVIEW. The test rig is currently being used to measure coefficient of friction at the ball-cage pocket contact under dry as well as lubricated conditions under various loads.

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