MEP Academic Succes Center


The MEP Tutorial Center is located in the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, Rm 1261


Having trouble with your classes? Come get FREE tutoring at MEP!

  • Come check out our FREE tutoring service at our MEP Tutorial Center

  • Junior, senior, and graduate engineering students are available to offer assistance when needed

  • Students also come to the center to meet with other students and work in groups

  • We have class binders with practice exams and homeworks from previous years

  • Our tutorial center was launched in 1982, and has been encouraging academic excellence ever since

  • We focus on core engineering classes - other classes are available upon request to  

Spring 2015 Tutorial Center Schedule

Tutorial Center Online Resources


Tutorial center employment

  • Apply for a tutoring position and help students with their engineering coursework

  • Help create practice exams and practice problems

  • Solidify your knowledge while you teach

  • Upperclassmen and graduate students only

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The MEP Tutorial Center is furnished with new desks, tables, whiteboards, and computers thanks to the generosity of our industrial partners.

For more information on this service, send an e-mail to or call us at  (765) 494-4936