for students completing 6th to 10th grades
The Summer Engineering Workshops were designed to increase the pool of interested and qualified pre-college students for engineering study. We offer 3 workshops (6th/7th Grade SEW, 8th Grade SEW, and PREFACE for 9th and 10th graders) throughout the summer by grade level for 5-days each exposing students to:
• Engineering design
• Academic success strategies
• Engineering careers
• Engineering impact
• Campus life
• College preparation
• Life skills
for pre-college educators
This two day workshop is designed to provide middle, junior and senior high school teachers and counselors tools to use in guiding students towards careers in engineering including curriculum requirements and in-class projects.
MITE Academic Boot Camp
sponsored by Shell Oil
The Multiethnic Introduction To Engineering (MITE) program was initiated at Purdue University in the summer of 1975. MITE is an intensive 5-week residential program for rising high school seniors offering the following:
• Academic advancement and concept mastery in Calculus and English
• Standardized test preparation
• Engineering design in different engineering fields
• Time management
• Effective approaches to learning
• Campus tours
• Residence hall life
• Unique opportunities offered by Purdue University
All MITE attendees complete an application to Purdue at the end of camp.
for high school seniors
PROMISE targets talented students during the fall semester of the senior year. The three-day residential program covers:
• First-year engineering at Purdue
• Support structures for student success
• Student organizations
• The professional practice program
• Summer internship opportunities
• Financial aid information
• Onsite assistance with the admission application
for students accepted into the College of Engineering
Engineering PREVIEW is our final pitch to the talented students who have been accepted into the Purdue University College of Engineering. Our goal is to provide students and parents with all of the information needed to accept the offer of admission to Purdue University.
for incoming freshmen
The Academic Boot Camp (ABC) is a 5-week simulation of the first semester of freshman engineering, designed to prepare incoming freshmen for the rigorous challenges of academic performance and retention rates (by nearly 40%) through:
• Intense courses for concept mastery in Chemistry, Calculus, and Programming
• Academic success strategies using the latest neurocognitive research
• Collaborative learning, teaming and engineering design
• Corporate presentations and plant tours
• Professional development workshops
ENGR 180 is a 1-credit hour weekly meeting seminar course for first-year students in engineering. The seminar is designed to help students transition into the university environment and begin their professional development. Students will:
• Hear the stories of successful minority alums through seminars
• Network with engineering professionals in industry and academia
• Be mentored by engineering upperclassmen
• Learn about the different resources available for student success
• Meet corporate representatives and learn about summer opportunities
• Tour engineering firms and plants
• Meet underrepresented minorities pursuing engineering
MEP offers a number of scholarships to reward academic achievement and provide need-based support to students.
• Applications open to all students in early spring
• Applicant pool consists of students who meet the minimum award criteria
• Scholarships are awarded based on a holistic process
• Awards attract new students and retain qualified students
for all students
The MEP Tutorial Center is located in the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering. The Center offers an ideal environment for study and collaborative learning for all students. We provide:
• Free tutoring services in gateway engineering courses
• Library of study resources including book, notes, and practice exams
• Listing of additional academic resources available throughout the campus