Bring Your A Game Competition
Spring 2014

  • During the semester, students submit exams, papers, and speeches on which they have received an "A."

  • The student with the highest number of submissions by the end of finals week wins a scholarship.

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation and General Electric sponsor the Bring Your 'A' Game.  

  • All participants are invited to an end of semester celebration dinner and prizes are awarded to the top students..

All submissions are to be given to the front desk assistant in ARMS 1261. If grades are distributed via blackboard, please submit a screen copy via email to


Previous Winners

Spring 2012 - Tola Adeola

Fall 2011 - Tola Adeola

Spring 2011 - Tola Adeola

Fall 2010 - Tola Adeola

Spring 2010 - Juan Ochoa

Fall 2009 - Markell Baldwin

Spring 2009 - Samual Oshin

Fall 2008 - Hermes Perez

Spring 2008 - Brittany Gordon

Fall 2007 - Daniel Knight

Spring 2007 - Jennifer Jackson

Fall 2006 - Jennifer Jackson