Supplemental Seminars Spring 2014

Points lost for a missed class (-3) may be replaced by a Supplemental Seminar (+3) until until the end of Week 14, that is, April 25, 2014.

Note that the original entry of -3 remains visible on Blackboard. Also, the +3 earned from a Supplemental Seminar will become visible after the email summary, mailed same day, is processed.


 remember that 12 regular Thursday seminars must be completed in a semester in order to earn credit for ME 290--no matter the actual point totals.

Please email summaries to the same day as the event. Please avoid attachments--just indicate in the message:

1. Name of event

2. Name of speaker

3. Date

4. Main points

(More postings are pending; email nominations are welcome! Email


Spring 2014 Krannert Executive Forum Speakers

The Krannert Executive Forum is held in Rawls Hall room 1086, at 11:30 am. To see who is speaking each week, follow this link: Speakers

The Krannert series is one of the most valuable and enjoyed options. Often the speakers provide personal experience helpful for career planning.


Purdue Sustainable--May 2

(exception to April 25th deadline--email same day, May 2))

Purdue Pugwash--ethics and science

Rachel Svetanoff

President | Purdue Student Pugwash

Student Director | Student Pugwash USA

Pugwash often has remarkable outside speakers and sometimes offers "hands-on" opportunities. See their website for details.

Purdue Student Pugwash

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 Receive updates on our Website at!
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April 2 and April 3--The Greatest Adventure