Purdue ME in China: ETA-SJTU Spring 2012 Program

Fall 2011 Orientation: ME 497, Credit 1.0

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New Gate, Minhang Campus, SJTU

Time and weather in Shanghai http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/58362.html

Purdue-provided International Medical Insurance: Don't worry about holding on to the medical insurance cards--all you need is information about how to forward your claim, which requires your receipts. We have never had a problem with these arrangements--you pay on-site and then file for reimbursement. The full policy information is below. Please provide to parents or any other interested parties. Note that there are some (not too surprising) exclusions such as for hang-gliding.

Koster brochure:   http://www.purdue.edu/business/risk_mgmt/pdf/Koster%20Brochure.pdf

Koster master policy:   http://www.purdue.edu/business/risk_mgmt/pdf/Koster%20Master%20Policy.

Class Schedule for Module I at SJTU Xujiahui Campus

Required text for ME 497K meeting on-site in Shanghai, January 2012 is Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace by BEAMER and VARNER.

Note there is more than one book with this same title!

We are using the 2007 (or newer) version.

Shanghai How To...

Censorship...Ramon Aboytes

Shanghai -   http://www.travelchinaguide.com/cityguides/shanghai.htm

What not to bring...Adam Bretz

Skype...how to, Adam Jasperson

Traveling...and stuff, Kris Miller

Tibet...Rodrigo Mubarak

Internships...Robert Niimi

International Date Line...Sai Patchala

Hostels...Cole Pechin

Chinese menu reading...Matt Pukoszek

Getting cash...Keven Templin


Week 1

Agenda Week 1--Overview, start forms

Checklist for Spring 2012 Program

Seating Chart, class roster (emails available on printed copy)

Participation Form (SA--study abroad)

Participant Responsibility Form (ME School), Alcohol awareness article

Risk Form for Study Abroad

Medical Form for Study Abroad, cover sheet (instructions for medical form)


Week 2

Please review "Week 1 Follow-up"

Bring to this meeting: 1) two official passport pictures--please write first, last name with felt-tip (avoid sharp points which damage front) on the BACK of each picture. 2) official Purdue transcript--pick up the "print-out " from the Purdue Registrar and  bring to our meeting.

Agenda for Week 2:

Here are the team assignments. We will continue getting acquainted--including introductions!--at our next meeting.

There is no class meeting on September 5, Labor Day.

Week 3

No meeting this week, Monday, September 5, due to Labor Day Holiday.

Note need to complete a "course request form"--link is provided in the list below.

Due on September 6: Please bring to Thermo Area Room 1003. Please place everything in an envelope with your name on the outside--items may be folded carefully to fit. 

  1. Medical Form (Health Certificate)--with physician's signature. Note that the physician may wish to review the cover page so that it is clear that you are not seeing a signature due to health issues; rather, you need a signature because it is a program requirement.
  2. SJTU Application (blank), need to complete key-board entries, save as ".doc" and print out.  Instructions here. Application with fill-ins indicated (blue type).
  3. Resume, single page resume--please review/update and print out your one-page resume. Resume resources are available under the "ME 290" course on MECOM.
  4. ETA-SJTU 2012 Course request form. Please download, complete, and print out.

Notes about SJTU Application:

1. Note that the list of required items includes a reference letter. That will be provided for the group--no need to do anything about this as individuals.

2. "Picture" will be added later.

3. The "Emergency Contact"  on page 2 of the application is as follows: WU Yanqiong, School of Mechanical Engineering,  021-34205875. We will meet Miss Wu mid-September as she will be visiting Purdue this fall. Confirming correct spelling, her first name is Yanqiong.

Week 4

Begin with introductions!

Review SJTU application packets.

"Apply" for the program ETA-SJTU on the Study Abroad website.

Week 5

Guest: Prof. Brent Jesiek, EEN, Global Engineering Research, International Program Outcomes

Resources: Slides for presentation (.pdf format)   Engineering Cultures--China    http://globalhub.org/resources/3399

GlobalHUB: http://globalhub.org

Note about ME Registration: Please go ahead with "registration" for next semester with either Tarri or Prof. Jones. While "planning" for Spring Semester 2011 has been completed, Purdue registration and planning for semesters beyond Spring 2011 is still important.

Study Abroad: Please also "register" for ETA-SJTU on the Study Abroad website: http://www.studyabroad.purdue.edu/ Then, after "approval," (a few days) you will be asked to enter your emergency contact information (usually your parents) for Study Abroad use. All other Study Abroad forms have been completed already and will be conveyed as a "group" to Study Abroad so there is no need to complete those forms on line.

Week 6

Guest: Yanqiong WU, Director, International Programs Office, ME School, SJTU

Week 7

Research application for SJTU, Summer 2012

Packing Suggestions

Week 8

We will not meet October 10 (Fall Break)

Note that deposit #2 is due after Break on October 17th.

Week 9

Prof. Krousgrill will join to suggest organizational strategies for next semester's ME 375.

"Twenty Questions" for this week: Corey, Rachel, and Adam J. Please provide .ppt file for posting!

"ME 497"--six credits--for summer 2012 in China, still accepted today.

Skype and Google Voice--communications resources, Adam Jasperson.

Week 10

"Twenty Questions" for this week: Courtney, buying phone service


Shanghai Subway (Hussain)

Travel and Stuff (Kris)

Week 11

"Twenty Questions" for this week: Heather, Jake, Matt K. Ramon, Omer

Week 12

Guests this week from last Spring's program: Grant Robinson, Emily Wood, Myles Wilson

Also: more "Twenty Questions": Keeping in Touch, Matt Kaweicki, Zafer Khan, Jet Lag;

Phones: Buying (used) phones in China is fine. Phones in China are likely not quad band however, which limits future use. And, there are no price breaks on new electronics in China, whether phones, cameras, or computers. However, used = great prices in China! Phones (and bikes) can be purchased for $30 or even less. Lowest possible price for not-so-good phone=$10 (very used).

Here are some new quad-band unlocked phones on Amazon.


Need: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 QuadBand--for use both in China and in Europe; China Mobile is GSM and biggest network in China

GSM World Coverage Map and GSM Country List
2010 GSM World Map - GSM Country List


Week 13

"20 Questions" --managing finances, Kevin Templin, hop on the bus, Kristin Scheid; internships, hostels, Cole Pechin; menu reading help, Matt Pukoszek; internships, Robert Niimi; free time in Shanghai, Adam Bernaix


Week 14

LEARN THIS PAGE!  http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/chinese/



ETA-SJTU Spring 2011

Contributions for the SJTU Spring 2011 Group: ToriStory  www.youtube.com/aToriStory , by Tori Huang

On-line Chinese Language Resources

Below are two quite different but important resources:

The BBC is tops for beginning practice!     http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/chinese/

Note that vocabulary pages can be printed out.

"Useful phrases" from the BBC!

Yellow Bridge keeps growing!

If you locate a better on-line resource for translation, stroke order, or textbook support, please email dla@purdue.edu. Yellow Bridge is amazing: http://www.yellowbridge.com/  Explore the various ways to use the dictionary. Note that audio is provided for characters.


 Items List-- from previous participants

China Phones: LG phone $20; Motorola $20, Alek Spasovski aspasovs@purdue.edu, alek.spasovski@gmail.com


Here are the contacts that I have in China for the Yellow Mountains and Tibet.  Also feel free to give out my email address "robinson.grant11@gmail.com" and phone number (317) 721-1189 if anyone has questions and wants to contact me.
Yellow Mountains (Huangshan)
Simon Cheng

Tibet (I have two numbers for him, I don't know why.  One of them should work though.)

Grant Robinson