Professional Seminar Assignments for Fall 2013

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All course materials distributed in class are available for viewing or printing here, most recent first. Please scroll down to see earlier weeks. Seminar students are responsible for information provided on this "Assignments" page.

Points gained by completing supplemental seminars or lost by missing classes are posted on Blackboard Learn, usually by Tuesday of the following week. No attendance postings--no points lost!  Please email within one week of that posting if there are questions or corrections regarding attendance records.

Updates for attendance and for earned points will be made once per week.

The following table of all assignments is from the hand-out (Week 1) “Course Policies and Organization.”

Table 1.

ME 290 Global Engineering Professional Seminar Assignments


Text: Zakaria’s Post-American World 2.0, Quiz 1 (Chap 1, 2, 3)


10 points



Text: Zakaria’s Post-American World 2.0, Quiz 2  (Chap 4, 5)


10 points




Text: Zakaria’s Post-American World 2.0, Quiz 3  (Chap 6, 7)


10 points



Cultural Center Visit


5 points




Completion: two/three informational surveys


3 points



Professional Picture


2 points



Global Professional Profile with Resume (about 1000 words)


15 points

    Professional Credentials and Experience (5)    
    Professional Ethics Analysis (5)    
    Global Professional Resume and Resume Review  (5)    


Seminar Attendance and Participation (3 pts, each week)


45 points



Minimum of 12 regular Thursday seminars completed


 required for course credit1



Sum of all Assignments


100 points2



1A "Writing Sample" completed on site is also required for course credit. The sample is not graded but is used for program review purposes as well as for student support. The sample is kept on file in the School until the student graduates from the program.

2Note: Replacement points are available to replace those lost by a missed class (up to three classes).  Three points are earned for each Supplemental Seminar completed from the list linked on the MECOM home page, provided that a brief summary (100 words) with the name of the event, the date, and the main points is emailed to the same day as the event. Please include the summary in the message body and not as an attachment. The supplemental seminar option is available from Week 2 through Week 14, that is, November 22, 2013.



For Spring 2015: Consider the one-and-only "class size" ETA for Purdue ME's--in Shanghai, China!



Complete your application this semester and be guaranteed space! Open to all ME's in good standing ready for Semester 6 coursework in Spring 2015!

$500 deposit due April 30, 2014. The program is cost neutral--no extra costs compared to West Lafayette semester, airfare included!

Courses count toward Purdue BSME; no delay to degree completion.

1.Global perspectives—even if your career is in the U.S.!
2.Global experience—talk about it in senior year job interviews!
3.“Big Delta” credentials—seeing Asia is seeing big change and amazing East/West differences!
4. Go with 40 other ME's and gain a class size group of close friends--for a lifetime!

Application for Spring 2015 program--due December 6, 2013 for ME 290 Fall 2013 students.




Week 15 

Profiles returned!

International Experiences:

Tyler Brammeier, World Wide!

Matt Miller, China--SJTU and American Axel internship



Week 14   Here is ETA Factsheet, Spring 2015 Application due December 6, 2013

Faculty Speaker: Prof. Jones     Agenda

Change in deadline for Cultural Center Visit Reports: Friday, December 6, last day to visit and report.

Change:Monday, November 18 BCC visits moved to Friday, November 22, 10: 30 a.m.

Profiles: returned next week, December 5


Applications due December 6 for the only class-size "Engineering Term Abroad" Semester Six in China Spring 2015.  

Week 13

Guest Speaker: Blayne Roeder, Cook Medical

This week: Agenda

Reminder: Please "post" profiles on GlobalHUB by end of the day, Friday, Week 13 (14 Nov 2013).

New policy! We need to introduce a "2-point penalty" for missed appointments.

Cultural Center assignments can still be completed for 5 points even if you have missed an appointment,

but please do not miss an appointment!

Week 12

This week: Agenda 

GlobalHUB: Instructions for posting profiles! (Picture use on profiles--entirely optional.)

Watch for emailed appointment link for Cultural Center visits--schedule Week 13 and Week 14.

Here is that scheduler link

Here is the Cultural Center Assignment with alternatives if classes conflict with ME-dedicated sessions.

Week 11

This week:  Agenda    

Profiles due today! Please place in folders.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Joseph Johnson, iRobot

Picture make-ups!  No appointments, possible waiting, full credit!  : )

Tuesday, Nov. 5, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m., same location--ME 2042.

Week 10


FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions, Global Professional Profile

Study Questions--Chapters 6 & 7

1. What is the overall technique that the author uses to suggest where the U.S. may be headed in this present century?

2. Zakaria focuses on global "superpowers" and the options open to these entities. What are some characteristics of "superpowers."?

3. As the industrial revolution developed, what countries were major players?

4. Describe the participation of the U.S. in the industrial revolution and how has the global participation in manufacturing changed in this century?

5. What strengths does Zakaria identify for the U.S. currently?

6. Is "globalization" a good thing or not? In the author's view, who benefits? Who does not?

7. Zakaria has some concerns about the political role the U.S. currently plays in global politics. What advice would he have for the U.S. as the current century goes forward?

8. Zakaria also has some concerns about domestic politics in the U.S. What advice do you think he would offer to the American voter?

Week 9


"Seven Steps"


Ethical Reasoning

Week 8

Agenda Week 8: International Opportunities for ME's

International Opportunities Letter to Families, Fall Break

Michael Frank, Spain

Matthew Owen, Turkey

Tyler Brammeier, World Wide!

Lauren Wheeler, East Asia

This week:

Prof. Krousgrill will review the range of international opportunities available to ME students. We will also hear from ME students who have  returned from all parts of the globe. These students have completed credits toward their Purdue BSME degree and also obtained important international experience.

Quiz Two: Two bonus points have been added on Blackboard as Q2 Bonus=2. There were no items where high scorers disproportionately chose an incorrect option; still, this quiz was more difficult than the first. The "bonus" takes up some, but not all, of that difference. Everyone providing a readable PUID should be able to see those scores on Blackboard.

Picture Assignment Scheduling

For the professional picture appointment, please make an appointment before next TUESDAY, October 15, which is when picture sessions begin. That way, we will have space available for everyone.
Picture Assignment--handout from last week.

Progressing with the Global Profile

For getting started on the "vision" section of the Global Profile Assignment, here is the link to the National Academy of Engineering that offers great overviews of the  "Grand Challenges" now before us:

Please be working on your "Profile" section by section. Reviewing the Grand Challenges can provide ideas and also help with the choice of professional and technical terminology in your discussion about where you wish to take your professional career.

For specific innovations that inspire, see such resources as "GE Focus/Forward" videos such as:


Week 7

Week 7 Agenda

Grand Challenges--see National Academy of Engineering as resource for developing professional profiles!


Picture Assignment--hand-out this week. Please make an appointment before Tuesday, October 15.

The picture sessions will be in ME 2042 with Michael Black, graphics artist for the School.

Please follow the signs to complete "sign-in" in the hall outside ME 2042 just prior to your appointment.

An announcement will be made later in the semester when picture files are ready for downloading.

Everyone completing their appointment earns 2 points. There is no requirement to use the picture.

Please do consider the picture a professional resources however.

To make a picture appointment: . 

Quiz II this week over Chapters 5 & 6

Study Questions:

1. What changed in China to make global manufacturing a major source of wealth?

2. Describe the distribution of political power in China today.

3. What expectations does Zakaria have about the future distribution of politcal power in China?

4. What relationship does China have with countries in Africa?

5. What does Zakaria expect regarding future military expenditures in China?

6. Economic development in India is distinctly different from that of China--how does it differ?

7. Contrast the historical role of colonial powers in China and in India.

8. How do China and India differ in their relationships to the U.S.?


Week 6

Week  6 Agenda

Remember--Quiz 2 covering Chapters 4 and 5 is next week!

Week 5

Week 5 Agenda

Global Profile Assignment

Week 4

Week4 Agenda

Quiz 1 is this week--10 multiple choice questions!

Reading: Zakaria's The Post-American World, Chapters 1, 2, and 3,

here are some study questions to consider:

1. What does the author mean by "the rise of the rest"?

2. The author described three main power shifts in the last 500 years. What are they?

3. What does this last shift mean for the U.S.?

4. Multiple disasters unfolded in the first decade of this century. What happened to the growth of the global economy?

 5. Zakaria argues that some of our most important problems are the result of successes, rather than failures. What would be some examples of these kinds of problems?

6. In recent years, attitudes toward free trade, open markets, and democracy have been changing--including here in the U.S. How is the change in U.S. opinion similar or different from opinion change elsewhere?

7. Zakaria discusses the world before 1500 and the world after 1500. In comparing East and West, what changed? What is Zakaria's hypothesis about why the change occurred? If the explanation is not "culture," what is it?

8. As trade and political interactions have increased along with globalization, what has happened to the structure of governments around the world?

9. Zakaria observes that McDonalds and Starbucks are "everywhere" now. What is happening to "local" identities as reflected in movies, news sources, and architecture as globalization continues to develop?

Week 3

Week 3 Agenda

Resumes PLUS signed reviews, collected this week! Please place in "attendance" folders!

ME GUESTS: Kat Frangoes and Nitesh Bajaj, ETA in CHINA! Slides!

Shanghai Jiao Tong University--new gate, engineering campus

*Note: "outside of class" surveys have been postponed.

Week 2

Week 2 Agenda

Resume assignment

Remember to bring your one-page resume DRAFT to class today!

Week 1

Seating Chart

Week 1 Agenda

Seminar Policy and Organization (distributed in class)

Text: Fareed Zakaria's The Post-American World, Release 2.0, available in bookstores

and in PB/Kindle on Amazon


End of Semester Acknowledgements