What should the profile look like?


I was hoping to turn my profile in this Thursday for an extra credit point, but I am not entirely sure what the profile should look like.  
Here are my questions, just to clarify:
1) You do want us to specifically denote the "Introduction", "Credentials and Experience", and "Professional Interests, Professional Ethics, Global Vision, Career Goals" sections, and we should label them as previously listed?

The specifications require three major divisions--but the headings certainly can be enlivened! There is no need to use exactly the three headings discussed (intro, credentials & experience, vision), but do include each of these important domains. Also remember the value of sub-heads to break up text within section and clue the reader about the focus oft each paragraph grouping.

2) Would you like us to consider the cover page as page 1, or are the two single-spaced, typed papers with the three parts to it the only numbered and headed pages?

The cover page is not part of this document as it is just to help students be sure to meet specifications. It will not be uploaded (later step) when the document is posted on GlobalHUB (more about that later). Only the two pages of your original writing are formatted, numbered, and headed.

3) Clarifying that we do not need to have our resume reviewed and revised again, we are only checking that part on the cover page to say that we handed in that assignment earlier this semester, correct? 

The check is just for confirmation. All subsequent work on the resume is up to you; please do include whatever your current, final resume version. (It is not part of the profile so there is no page number; do include a print-out as the last page in the profile packet.

4) Should we staple the 4 pages of the profile together for when we hand in a hard copy? 

Yes, thank you!

5) Should the pdf of the profile submitted online include the cover page with a scan of our signature?

Good to think ahead--but please just wait for step-by-step instructions which will be provided after everyone's profile comes in during Week 11.

What about posting on GlobalHUB? Is that part of an early submission of the profile?
I am unsure on how we should submit the professional profile to GlobalHUB. I created a profile, and the only way I see to post something to GlobalHUB is through contributions. I then saw a student category. If there is a different way we should do this, please let me know.
Also, I plan to turn in my profile in class this week. Do I also have to have the electronic copy submitted to GlobalHUB by then in order to receive the extra credit point?

Glad to hear about your completed profile! I will address the "GlobalHUB" issue in this week's update as I see how this could be confusing. Thanks for the question.

The answer is--not due yet. The "upload to GlobalHUB" will be addressed with a hand-out with specific be completed after the (hard copy) profiles have been submitted.

Could you post an example of a profile on our course page? 

Actually, many examples are already posted on GlobalHUB. You can see those by joining "our" group on GlobalHUB, "Global Engineering Student Profiles."

How should the profile page be formatted?

I was looking over the global profile handout we received earlier this year and could not find anything regarding formatting of the page.  Is there a specific font/font size and margin requirement for the document?

Those aspects have not been specified. Quite a wide range of margins and fonts are in use in professional documents.


If you wish some guidelines, I would suggest standard text margins in the range of 1 to 1.25 inches. Font size should be readable, usually more than 10 and less than 12 to look professional. Note that "reading" size varies with typeface design. Sans-serif looks a little more modern than a serif font such as Times New Roman, but that also is not specified. There is room for individual choice.

How should our name and contact information be formatted so that it looks professional? 


On the first page of the handout, it states, "Following the close, your name and contact information, such as your Purdue email address, should be provided." How would you want this name and contact information formatted, because I do not believe that just sticking a name and email at the end would look very professional?

An additional strategy is to use the "footer" to contain this identification and contact link.

In the assignment, it states: “open line marks new paragraph” What does that mean?

I was working on my professional profile, and looking through the
rubric, I was confused when the rubric states, "Open line marks new
paragraph." and "Open line between single-spaced paragraphs."

Does this mean every paragraph is not indented and has a blank line
between, like the way this email is formatted? Or indenting the
paragraphs be sufficient? Something like...

>>>>>Paragraph 1.
Assume the >'s as a blank indent, since I am not
sure if emails support "tabs", but please assume them as one hit of
the tab key.
>>>>>Paragraph 2. There's no "open line" break in between, but the
paragraphs are clearly defined.

Or, considering the way I'm formatting my headings and subheadings,
would something like the example above, but with an "open line" break
added in between paragraphs work?

I'm so glad to hear of your Profile progress! And, I appreciate your
question. The answer is: Please use "open line between paragraphs"
instead of indents.

There are two reasons:

1. Workplace documents often have "specs" that contribute to an overall
formality and consistency. That approach requires everyone to just adopt
the "standard," whatever it is.

2. Without the "active whitespace" created by open lines between
paragraphs, readability is actually reduced. The open line is a stronger
support for fast reading than is the indent. (I'm not saying "indention"
is dead, but just suggesting that one is more effective).

Do we need to talk about all the classes we have taken?

I included a couple stories from one of my classes in my professional profile but I didn't talk about the other classes that I have taken, mainly in order to make sure it flowed well and to keep it under two pages. Do we need to mention classes that we have taken in the credentials section of our professional profile?

Good question. Limited space (there are always limits) means having to decide where and how to summarize or merely reference or "point to" information.

Courses matter as they are evidence about how much academic engineering study is complete. There are many ways of describing that achievement:

1. Indicate number of credits.
2. List areas of study.
3. List semesters or years of study.
4. List one or two especially significant courses and provide additional summary of others by way of number of credits in particular areas (e.g., first-year engineering, etc.), areas, etc.
5. Name projects completed and indicate context (course area or title).

By stories, I'm assuming you mean examples of interesting or illustrative experiences. Great! Be sure also to include one that is specifically focused on an experience which required "ethical reasoning," that is, "right versus right" choices--weighing benefits and costs, based on one or more ethical frameworks (e.g., "means/ends," etc.)

Your goal is to provide as comprehensive and compelling (readable!) account of your global professional engineering identity.

How should I deal with a “no go” on my first resume version?

I originally got a 'no go' on my resume and therefore, made some alterations on it. I don't know however whether the alterations i made were sufficient. Do you know where I can get help on my resume?

The first step is to go over the suggestions for resumes already provided. No doubt you will get some new ideas as you go through your current document yourself.

Additional resources are: Purdue Writing Lab MSEE Atrium, Wednesday evenings, appointment with Purdue Writing Lab, Purdue Center for Career Opportunities, and you are also welcome to see about your revisions—ME 3003B Office Hours 10 to 11:30 a.m. everyday except Thursday, and by appointment.