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ME Projects Machine Shop

Access to the Project Shop will be by card swipe system only!

Each person must swipe their own card every time that they enter the shop.

Registered ME students, EPICS, SAE, and Solar are the only groups that will have access to this room.  If you are unable to access the shop you will need to contact Adam Krichbaum by email at

One swipe, one entry!  Anyone entering the shop without swiping their card, or using another student's card, will be locked out for a week for a first offense.  Repeat offenses will be dealt with more severely.  This includes the person that opened the door, or loaned the card.

Damaged or unreadable cards are the sole responsibility of the card holder.  You will have to obtain a new card from card services.
1. You must swipe your PUID card to enter the shop.  SEE ABOVE.
2. Consult student Staff and/or Adam to answer any questions.
3. A drawing is required for all projects before work can begin.
4. A material safety data sheet  is required for all materials
5. Clean up after yourself (the machine should be cleaner than you found it.)  Allow 20 to 25 minutes.
6. Appropriate clothing is required.  This includes NO open Shoes or High Heels.
7. Do not use or operate anything you are not sure about without supervision.
8. Always wear safety glasses.
9. Return all tools to their proper place after use.
10. Inform staff when returning tools from check-out.
11. All personal projects are subject to Shop Supervisors approval and discretion. Some items that are not allowed are, Knives, Guns, or any type of weapon.
12. When in doubt, ASK!.

Dress code
1. Always wear safety glasses
2. No open shoes or high-heels
3. Long sleeves must be pulled up while working on machines
4. No watches or jewelry may be worn while working on machines
5. Long hair must be pulled back