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Instructional Laboratory Support - Mechanical Engineering

ME Computer Lab Availability

Lab Overview
(within the last 5 minutes)

Computer Lab Total Machines Available In Use Unknown/Turned Off
Likely Available
Percent Utilization
ME 1030 31 31000%
ME 2028 22 174118.2%
ME 2038 25 196024%
ME 3021 40 40000%
General Use 118 107 10 1 8.5%
ME 365 Lab (in 1030) 13 13000%
ME 315 Lab (in 1030) 10 91010%
ME 475 Lab (in 1030) 7 6010%
ME 586 Lab (in 1030) 8 7010%
Lab Areas 38 35 1 2 2.6%
All Labs 156 142 11 3 7.1%

Unknown Machines are machines that have not communicated with the availability database for more than 10 minutes. These could be in use, powered off, broken or available or this could be the result of a network issue. Please note that in an effort to save energy, many machines are powered off each night - thus being reported as unknown. ECN Supported machines are checked for last status change.

The last communication time is given in the details section for each lab area.

Historical Data of Lab Usage

ME 1030 Lab

Machine Name Status Last Update
ME1030PC1freeNot Available
ME1030PC2freeNot Available
ME1030PC3freeNot Available
ME1030PC4freeNot Available
ME1030PC5freeNot Available
ME1030PC6freeNot Available
ME1030PC7freeNot Available
ME1030PC8freeNot Available
ME1030PC9freeNot Available
ME1030PC10freeNot Available
ME1030PC11freeNot Available
ME1030PC12freeNot Available
ME1030PC13freeNot Available
ME1030PC14freeNot Available
ME1030PC15freeNot Available
ME1030PC16freeNot Available
ME1030PC17freeNot Available
ME1030PC18freeNot Available
ME1030PC19freeNot Available
ME1030PC20freeNot Available
ME1030PC21freeNot Available
ME1030PC22freeNot Available
ME1030PC23freeNot Available
ME1030PC24freeNot Available
ME1030PC25freeNot Available
ME1030PC26freeNot Available
ME1030PC27freeNot Available
ME1030PC28freeNot Available
ME1030PC29freeNot Available
ME1030PC30freeNot Available
ME1030PC31freeNot Available

ME 2028 Lab

Machine Name Status Last Update
ME2028PC1freeNot Available
ME2028PC2freeNot Available
ME2028PC3freeNot Available
ME2028PC4freeNot Available
ME2028PC5freeNot Available
ME2028PC6inuseNot Available
ME2028PC7inuseNot Available
ME2028PC8freeNot Available
ME2028PC9freeNot Available
ME2028PC10freeNot Available
ME2028PC11freeNot Available
ME2028PC12freeNot Available
ME2028PC13freeNot Available
ME2028PC14freeNot Available
ME2028PC15freeNot Available
ME2028PC16inuseNot Available
ME2028PC17inuseNot Available
ME2028PC18freeNot Available
ME2028PC19freeNot Available
ME2028PC20freeNot Available
ME2028PC21unknownLast update >24Hrs ago
Likely Powered Off
ME2028PC22freeNot Available

ME 2038 Lab

Machine Name Status Last Update
ME2038PC1inuseNot Available
ME2038PC2freeNot Available
ME2038PC3freeNot Available
ME2038PC4inuseNot Available
ME2038PC5inuseNot Available
ME2038PC6inuseNot Available
ME2038PC7inuseNot Available
ME2038PC8freeNot Available
ME2038PC9freeNot Available
ME2038PC10freeNot Available
ME2038PC11freeNot Available
ME2038PC12freeNot Available
ME2038PC13freeNot Available
ME2038PC14freeNot Available
ME2038PC15freeNot Available
ME2038PC16freeNot Available
ME2038PC17freeNot Available
ME2038PC18freeNot Available
ME2038PC19inuseNot Available
ME2038PC20freeNot Available
ME2038PC21freeNot Available
ME2038PC22freeNot Available
ME2038PC23freeNot Available
ME2038PC24freeNot Available
ME2038PC25freeNot Available

ME 3021 Lab

Machine Name Status Last Update
ME3021PC1freeNot Available
ME3021PC2freeNot Available
ME3021PC3freeNot Available
ME3021PC4freeNot Available
ME3021PC5freeNot Available
ME3021PC6freeNot Available
ME3021PC7freeNot Available
ME3021PC8freeNot Available
ME3021PC9freeNot Available
ME3021PC10freeNot Available
ME3021PC11freeNot Available
ME3021PC12freeNot Available
ME3021PC13freeNot Available
ME3021PC14freeNot Available
ME3021PC15freeNot Available
ME3021PC16freeNot Available
ME3021PC17freeNot Available
ME3021PC18freeNot Available
ME3021PC19freeNot Available
ME3021PC20freeNot Available
ME3021PC21freeNot Available
ME3021PC22freeNot Available
ME3021PC23freeNot Available
ME3021PC24freeNot Available
ME3021PC25freeNot Available
ME3021PC26freeNot Available
ME3021PC27freeNot Available
ME3021PC28freeNot Available
ME3021PC29freeNot Available
ME3021PC30freeNot Available
ME3021PC31freeNot Available
ME3021PC32freeNot Available
ME3021PC33freeNot Available
ME3021PC34freeNot Available
ME3021PC35freeNot Available
ME3021PC36freeNot Available
ME3021PC37freeNot Available
ME3021PC38freeNot Available
ME3021PC39freeNot Available
ME3021PC40freeNot Available

ME 365L Lab (in 1030)

Machine Name Status Last Update
me365lpc1free28 Apr 2015 06:26:03
me365lpc2free28 Apr 2015 06:27:44
me365lpc3free28 Apr 2015 06:25:03
me365lpc4free28 Apr 2015 06:26:51
me365lpc5free28 Apr 2015 06:27:18
me365lpc6free28 Apr 2015 06:27:10
me365lpc7free28 Apr 2015 06:27:32
me365lpc8free28 Apr 2015 06:27:30
me365lpc9free28 Apr 2015 06:26:47
me365lpc10free28 Apr 2015 06:27:49
me365lpc11free28 Apr 2015 06:27:49
me365lpc12free28 Apr 2015 06:27:25
me365lpc13free28 Apr 2015 06:25:51

ME 315L Lab (in 1030)

Machine Name Status Last Update
me315lpc1free28 Apr 2015 06:26:24
me315lpc2free28 Apr 2015 06:25:05
me315lpc3free28 Apr 2015 06:26:42
me315lpc4free28 Apr 2015 06:25:51
me315lpc5free28 Apr 2015 06:27:23
me315lpc6inuse28 Apr 2015 06:25:10
me315lpc7free28 Apr 2015 06:26:00
me315lpc8free28 Apr 2015 06:24:56
me315lpc9free28 Apr 2015 06:25:00
me315lpc10free28 Apr 2015 06:25:32

ME 475L Lab (in 1030)

Machine Name Status Last Update
me475lpc1free28 Apr 2015 06:25:46
me475lpc2unknown27 Apr 2015 22:40:24
me475lpc3free28 Apr 2015 06:25:37
me475lpc4free28 Apr 2015 06:25:08
me475lpc5free28 Apr 2015 06:25:52
me475lpc6free28 Apr 2015 06:26:36
me475lpc7free28 Apr 2015 06:26:23

ME 586L Lab (in 1030)

Machine Name Status Last Update
me586lpc1free28 Apr 2015 06:25:35
me586lpc2free28 Apr 2015 06:26:42
me586lpc3free28 Apr 2015 06:27:13
me586lpc4unknown27 Apr 2015 21:20:09
me586lpc5free28 Apr 2015 06:25:35
me586lpc6free28 Apr 2015 06:26:14
me586lpc7free28 Apr 2015 06:25:45
me586lpc8free28 Apr 2015 06:27:25