ME 697Y Assignment Problem Sets (Spring 2018)

Note: All files are in Word or pdf format.


Homework 1:   Due

Project 1: (in-class presentation on 2/15/2018): Choose the one that has not been selected.

  1. ANFIS: Luke Kaiser
  2. FFNN using BP training: Woo Jae Lee
  3. FFNN using GA:  Mehdi Jokar
  4. RBFN using LS:  Luke Kaiser
  5. RBFN using OLS: Abishek Murali
  6. RBFN using OLSGA:
  7. FBFN using ALS:  Matt Triebe
  8. FBFN using OLS:  Justin Mansell
  9. Recurrent neural networks or back propagation in time:  Paul Witsberger
  10. Comparison between two networks:

Topic 1 and 4 must be done together.

Project 2: (in-class presentation on 3/8/2018):

Project 3: (in-class presentation on 4/5/2018):

Presentation Outline

1. Problem definition (with mathematical function or real data)

2. Training results

3. Test results

4. Graphical approximation results (compared with the original function) if possible

5. Conclusions

Items to be submitted

1. Presentation slides (power point slides)

2. Programs (in zipped format) with the instruction on how to run the programs

Final Term Project

  1. Proposal due date:  March 28, 2018 (download the guideline)
  2. Topic: your choice (can be an extension of earlier work, combination of multiple, a new one)
  3. In-class presentation:  April 24 and 26 (15-20 min per person)
  4. Due date (program and final report):  5:00 pm on April 27.

See the guideline of the final report.