ME 597G
  Heat Transfer in Electronic Systems
  Spring 2009


(picture of a piezoelectric fan and the visualized flow field)

References - Spring 2009

(This list of books is provided as a useful resource, and is not intended to signify that reference to all these books is required for this course.  Course notes will be provided, as will copies of specific papers that are assigned for reading.  If you'd like to purchase one book for the course, you may consider the very first one on the list.  Also, you will be well-served to have a basic heat transfer book in your personal library, for example, Incropera, F. P. and DeWitt, D. P., Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, John Wiley, 1996.


Yeh, L. T. and Chu, R. C.,Thermal Management of Microelectronic Equipment, ASME Press (2002).  While this is not a required text, if you are looking to acquire one book for this course, this recently published book may be the one to choose.

Kraus, A.D. and Bar-Cohen, A., Thermal Analysis and Control of Electronic Equipment, McGraw Hill (1983). Out of print, but maybe available used, or in libraries.

Steinberg, D. S., Cooling Techniques for Electronic Equipment, 2nd ed., John Wiley (1991).

Dally, J.W., Packaging of Electronic Systems: A Mechanical Engineering Approach, McGraw Hill (1990).

Kim, S.J and Lee,  (eds.), Air Cooling Technolgy for Electronic Equipment, CRC Press (1996).  A reference for articles on air cooling of electronics.

Azar, K. (ed.), Thermal Measurements in Electronics Cooling, CRC Press (1997).  A reference for practical details on thermal measurements.

Incropera, F.P., Liquid Cooling of Electronic Devices in Single-Phase Convection, Wiley (1999).

Aung, W., Cooling Techniques for Computers, Hemisphere (1991).

Kraus, A.D and Bar-Cohen, A., Design and Analysis of Heat Sinks, Wiley (1995).  Very detailed discussion of heat sink design.

Hannemann, R.J., Kraus, A.D. and Pecht, M., Physical Architecture of VLSI Systems, Wiley (1994).  A good, if dated, resource for introduction to terminology and packaging (not cooling) issues.

Tummala, R. R. (ed.), Fundamentals of Microsystems Packaging, McGraw Hill (2001).

Peterson, G.P., An Introduction to Heat Pipes: Modeling, Testing and Applications, Wiley (1994).

Ellison, G. N., Thermal Computation for Electronic Equipment, Van Nostrand Reinhold (1984).

Sergent, J.E. and Krum, A., Thermal Management Handbook for Electronic Assemblies, McGraw Hill (1998).

General - Heat Transfer

Eckert, E.R.G. and R.M. Drake, Jr., Analysis of Heat and Mass Transfer, McGraw-Hill (1972).  Comprehensive treatment of heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation.  Considers some interesting special cases.

Mills, A.F., Heat and Mass Transfer, Irwin (1995).  A comprehensive treatment of heat and especially mass transfer at an introductory level.

Incropera, F. P. and DeWitt, D. P., Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, John Wiley (1996).

Fox, R. W. and McDonald, A. T., Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 4th Ed., Wiley (1992).

Schlichting, H., Boundary Layer Theory, 7th Ed., McGraw Hill (1979).  A classic text on boundary layers; encyclopedic in scope.

Ozisik, M.N., Heat Conduction, John Wiley (1984).  Extensive discussion of analytical methods suitable for conduction problems. Many applications to different geometries and thermal  conditions.

Myers, G.E., Analytical Methods in Conduction Heat Transfer, Genium (1987).  Classical and clear treatment of analytical methods for conduction.

Carslaw, H.S. and J.C. Jaeger, Conduction of Heat in Solids, Oxford University Press (1959).  For many years, the definitive work on conduction heat transfer analysis.  Mathematical developments terse, but results presented for many geometries and conditions.

Kays, W.M. and M.E. Crawford, Convective Heat and Mass Transfer, McGraw-Hill (1993). Excellent treatment of laminar and turbulent single phase forced convection.

Kakac, S. and Yener, Y., Convective Heat Transfer, 2nd Ed., CRC Press (1995).

Siegel, R. and J.R. Howell, Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer, Hemisphere (1992).  A very detailed and excellent treatment of radiation ?a classic.

Modest, M. F., Radiative Heat Transfer, Mc-Graw Hill (1993).

Abramowitz, M. and Stegun, I. A., Handbook of Mathematical Functions, NBS, 1964.  Encyclopedic reference for mathematical functions.

E. Kreyszig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Wiley, 1988.  Excellent general reference for most mathematical analysis methods.

Kakac, S., Shah, R. K. and Aung, W. (Eds.), Handbook of Single-Phase Convective Heat Transfer, Wiley-Interscience (1987).  An excellent compendium of information on convection.

Carey, V.P., Liquid-Vapor Phase-Change Phenomena, Hemisphere (1992).  Good treatment of boiling and condensation.

Press, W.H., Flannery, B.P., Teukolsky, S.A. and Vetterling, W.T., Numerical Recipes, Cambridge (1989).  Self-explanatory name, useful book.

Tien, C. L., Majumdar, A. and Gerner, F., Microscale Energy Transport, Taylor and Francis (1998).

Wheeler, A. J. and Ganji, A. R., Introduction to Engineering Experimentation, Prentice Hall (1996).

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