Probation Policy in the School of Mechanical Engineering

Academic Probation 

A student at Purdue University shall be placed on academic probation if their fall or spring semester or cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), at the end of any fall or spring semester, is less than a 2.0.

A student on academic probation shall be removed from that standing at the end of the first subsequent fall or spring semester in which they achieve a semester and cumulative GPAs equal to or greater than 2.0.

Any grade change due to a reporting error will result in a recalculation of the GPA and determination of probation standing.

Academic Probation will NOT be assessed in summer sessions.

(University Senate Document 13-11, April 21, 2014)

Core Probation 

A student in the School of Mechanical Engineering will be placed on ME Core probation if their ME Core GPA, at the completion of any fall, spring, or summer term, is less than a 2.0. 

Click here to view ME Core classes and to calculate your ME Core GPA.

ME Core Probation WILL be assessed in summer sessions.

Both Academic and Core Probation

A student in the School of Mechanical Engineering will be placed on both ME Core Probation and Academic Probation if both their term GPA and their ME Core GPA is less than a 2.0.

Probation Requirements

Any student placed on any probationary status is  required to: 

  1. Send their Academic Advisor a revised Plan of Study
  2. Complete and send their Academic Advisor the ME Core GPA Calculator Sheet
  3. Inform (via email) their Academic Advisor if they plan to repeat courses in the proceeding semester
  4. Complete a Plan of Success 
  5. Schedule a Probation Review Appointment 
  6. Sign a Probation Contract. Failure to do so by the assigned deadline will jeopardize a student’s status within the School of Mechanical Engineering.

While on any probation status, students are not permitted to be enrolled in more than 15 credit hours, per their Probation Contract. Students that do not follow the course action plan within their Probation Contract are in violation of the ME Probation Policy and will result in an additional probationary status designation (i.e. adding a second strike on their probationary status). 

Three-Strike Policy

If a ME student goes on any type of probation for the third time (including the summer term), the student will no longer be able to complete the ME degree and is required to change majors.  Prior probations before entering the School of Mechanical Engineering will not count towards the three-strike policy.  Students that are dropped from the University, due to their overall GPA dropping below the 2.0 minimum, will not be considered for readmission to Mechanical Engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does being on academic probation affect me? Being on academic probation means that you are at risk of being required to change majors out of Mechanical Engineering and possibly even dropped from the University if grades do not improve and make sufficient academic progress. It also means that you are limited to taking a maximum of 15 credit hours during the subsequent fall or spring semester and that you may be ineligible to change majors to another program (if interested). Finally, students on Academic Probation are not eligible to participate in the Co-op program or consequentially may not be ineligible to participate in an internship.
  • If I take classes during the summer and perform well can I get off of academic probation? No, only ME Core Probation is assessed in a summer term. If a student performs poorly in a summer term, they may be placed on ME Core Probation at the completion of the summer term.
  • Why am I required to complete the Plan of Success and other probationary documents? It is important that you take your academic and future career planning seriously.  Academic advisors need to understand the reasons for your struggles so additional resources can be suggested and different strategies can be discussed.
  • I was on Academic Probation in the fall term and then Core Probation in the spring term, if I take classes in the summer and at the completion of that term I still have my ME core GPA below a 2.0, will that summer term count as my final semester in ME? Yes, if you are on ME Core Probation at the completion of your spring semester and then you take one or more ME Core classes over the summer and still do not  achieve a 2.0 GPA, you will have to Change Majors  out of ME at the completion of that summer term. 
  • If I am required to change majors out of Mechanical Engineering because I was on probation for three different terms, can I change majors back into ME after I have improved my grades? No, once you are required to change majors out of Mechanical Engineering you are not permitted back into the school.  You may only take or repeat ME classes if your new school of engineering requires the course in their degree plan.
  • What if I violate my probation agreement? Failure to abide by the probation agreement will result in an additional probationary status.

The School of Mechanical Engineering reserves the right to unenroll students from their classes in any given semester, regardless of the semester time frame, if students are in violation of their Probation Contract, including student's non-response to multiple communication attempts.