Dhananjay Pai

Dhananjay Pai

Laboratory Manager

School of Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University
585 Purdue Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2088

Office: POTR


  • Ph.D. in Agriculture and Biological Engineering (2012)-Purdue University
  • Master of Science in Food Science (2008) - Purdue University
  • Bachelor of Technology in Food Technology & Engineering (2006) - University of Mumbai, India

Research Interests

  • My research is focused on scale-up and characterization of food and pharmaceutical powders/compacts resulting from spray drying, tableting and granulation.


Work Experience

- Process Development Scientist, Abbot Nutrition R&D, Singapore (Dec 2014- Jul 2016)
- Scientist II, Abbot Nutrition R&D, Singapore (Mar 2014- Nov 2014)
- Scientist I, Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences, Singapore (Aug 2012- Mar 2014)

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed publications

D.A. Pai, V.R. Vangala, J.W. Ng, W.K. Ng and R.B.H. Tan. "Resistant Maltodextrin as a shell material for encapsulation of naringin: Production and physicochemical characterization". Journal of Food Engineering, 161, 68-74 (2015).
D. A. Pai and M.R. Okos. "Predicting the density and tensile strength of viscoelastic soy powder compacts". Journal of Food Engineering, 116 (1), 184-194 (2013).
D. A. Pai, A.A. Alsman-Hayes, and M.R. Okos. "Modeling pharmaceutical compacts tensile strength based on viscoelastic properties". Powder Technology, 239, 441-450 (2013).
M.S. Kale, D. A. Pai, B.R. Hamaker and O.H. Campanella. "Structure-function relationships for corn arabinoxylans". Journal of Cereal Science, 52 (3), 368-372 (2010).
D. A. Pai, O.A. Blake, B.R. Hamaker and O.H. Campanella. "Importance of extensional rheological properties on extrusion expansion of fiber-enhanced corn extrudates". Journal of Cereal Science, 227-234 (2009).

Book Chapter

M.S. Kale, D. A. Pai, B.R. Hamaker and O.H. Campanella. "Incorporation of Fibers in Foods: A Food Engineering Challenge" in Food Engineering Interfaces (2010).