Mechanical Engineering Research Centers

Center for High Performance Buildings

The CHPB is dedicated to partnering with industry in the development, demonstration, evaluation, and deployment of new technologies and analysis tools for high performance buildings. CHPB is a multi-disciplinary effort involving researchers from Mechanical, Civil (Architectural), and Electrical Engineering and Psychological Sciences. The team has the expertise and unique facilities to consider a wide range of applications related to engineered environments that address numerous important issues in indoor environmental quality, human comfort and productivity, comfort delivery systems, building envelopes, lighting, equipment efficiency and reliability, environmental impact, controls, automation, etc.

Center for Laser Micro-Fabrication

The Center for Laser Micro-Fabrication at Purdue University carries out combined experimental and theoretical studies on laser-based manufacturing and materials processing. The Center has eight state-of-the-art laser systems including an ultrafast laser, an excimer laser, Nd:YLF/YAG/VA lasers, a fiber laser, an argon ion laser, and a CO2 laser. These laser systems are being used for laser micro and nano-machining, laser fabrication of MEMS/NEMS components, and development of integrated MEMS systems such as sensors microelectronics.

Center for Laser Based Manufacturing

The faculty and students at the Center for Laser-based Manufacturing focus on developing various new and novel laser-based processing techniques along with predictive models for these processes. The laser-based manufacturing processes currently under research include laser-assisted machining, laser hardening, laser cladding, laser 3D deposition, laser surface alloying, laser shock peening, laser direct writing and laser micromachining. The state-of-the-art facilities include a range of lasers from high power direct diode lasers to pico-second pulsed lasers.

Cooling Technologies Research Center

The CTRC is a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, and addresses pre-competitive, longer-term research and development issues in the area of high-performance heat removal from compact spaces.

Purdue Center for Systems Integrity

The Purdue Center for Systems Integrity (PCSI) is providing the capability to design, monitor, and improve the "health" of engineered systems in all stages of the life cycle and at all scales of the system architecture. Our mission is to enable the world's leading scientists, engineers, and technicians to create revolutionary advances in the system performance and supportability.

Purdue Research and Education Center for Information Sciences in Engineering (PRECISE)

Our research lies at the intersection of design, shape analysis, and information sciences. The increase in 3D data in engineering, biology and medicine has given rise to many new problems for 3D content based shape search. We focus on developing new representations for (3d and 2d) shapes for engineering and proteomics. We also develop new interaction paradigms, interfaces for querying, interacting, orienteering, and navigating intelligently. Another area of focus is computer support for early design and configuration.