Marisol Koslowski

Marisol Koslowski

Assistant Head for Engagement and Partnerships, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University
585 Purdue Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2088

Office: DLR 103E

Phone: +1 765 49-61045



  • B.S. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, '97
  • M.S. California Institute of Technology, '99
  • Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, '03

Research Interests

  • Computational solid mechanics
  • Multiscale modeling of materials
  • Finite Elements
  • Dislocation dynamics
  • Reliability of electronic interconnects
  • Shock compression in solids
  • Phase transformations
  • Energetic materials

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2009, College of Engineering Faculty Excellence Award Team: PRISM
  • 2006, Leon Heller Postdoctoral Publication Prize, Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • 2001, Graduate student presentation award, Materials Research Society, Fall meeting. Boston, MA.

Selected Publications

Xiaorong Cai, Carol Handwerker, John Blendell, and Marisol Koslowski, Shallow grain formation in Sn thin films, Acta Materialia, 45, 1-12, 2020.

Nicolo Grilli and Marisol Koslowski, The effect of crystal anisotropy and plastic response on the dynamic fracture of energetic materials, Journal of Applied Physics, (126) 155101, 2019.

Yifei Zeng, Lorena Alzate-Vargas, Chunyu Li, Rachel Graves, Jeff Brum, Alejandro Strachan and Marisol Koslowski, Mechanically induced amorphization of small molecular crystals, Modeling and simulations in Materials Science and Engineering, 27, 074005, 2019.

A. Dandekar, Zane Roberts, Shane Paulson, Weinong Chen, Steve F. Son and Marisol Koslowski, Computational Materials Science, 166, 170-178, 2019.

Yifei Zeng, Xiaorong Cai, and Marisol Koslowski, Stacking fault fluctuation effects on the strengthening of high entropy alloys, Acta Materialia, 164, 1-11, 2019.

Camilo Duarte Cordon, Rachel Kohler and Marisol Koslowski, Dynamic fracture and frictional heating due to periodic excitation in energetic materials, Journal of Applied Physics, 124, 165109, 2018.

Camilo Duarte Cordon, Nicolo Grilli, and Marisol Koslowski, Effect of initial damage variability on hot-spot nucleation in energetic materials, Journal of Applied Physics, 124, 025104, 2018.

Nicolo Grilli, Camilo Duarte Cordon, and Marisol Koslowski, Dynamic fracture and hot-spot modeling of energetic composites, Journal of Applied Physics, 123, 065101, 2018.

Yuesong Xie, Oleksandr G Kravchenko; R. Byron Pipes and Marisol Koslowski, Phase field modeling of damage in glassy polymers, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 93, 182-197, 2016.

Lei Cao, Abigail Hunter, Irene Beyerlein and Marisol Koslowski, The role of partial mediated slip during quasistatic deformation of nanocrystalline nickel, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 78 415-426, 2015.