December 7, 2016

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion and Purdue

John Zink Hamworthy Combustion has been an industry leader in combustion and emissions control for more than 80 years. With Purdue's focus on combustion, it's clear why they look to hire mechanical engineers from Purdue.
December 1, 2016

Ukari Figgs: Basketball Champion and Mechanical Engineer

Ukari Figgs is a legend at Purdue University, as the MVP of the 1999 National Champion Women's Basketball team. But she's just as proud of her work as a Mechanical Engineer, which she showcases every day at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Georgetown, Kentucky.
November 28, 2016

Dan Suciu: Living Legacy for Purdue and GE

Spiridon (Dan) Suciu (BSME '44, MSME '49, Ph.D. '51) grew up in Flint, Michigan during the Depression. He decided to enroll in Purdue while serving in the Navy during WWII. After continuing with his Master's and Doctorate, he began work for GE, where he served in their Gas Turbine Division, Energy Technology, and Neutron Devices. He retired in 1987, after seeing 5 children through Purdue -- all of them engineers. His son Jim also followed his father's footsteps at GE, and is now President of Global Sales and Marketing for GE Power. Jim won Purdue's Outstanding Mechanical Engineer Award in 2013, and his father was given the same honor in 2016, allowing the whole Suciu family to gather for a celebration of Dan's accomplishments at GE and Purdue.
November 17, 2016

Spacewalker: Jerry Ross

In his 17-year career as an astronaut, Jerry Ross holds the unique distinctions of making seven trips into space, and conducting nine spacewalks. He is also a Mechanical Engineer, getting his bachelors and masters at Purdue. Even as a child in Crown Point, Indiana, he knew that he was going to attend Purdue, become an engineer, and work for the space program.
November 10, 2016

National Geographic features Purdue study on hair

Tahira Reid and Amy Marconnet collaborated on a project studying the heat properties of curly hair. Now that project has been featured in the July 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine.
November 2, 2016

3D forensic system easily captures footprints, tire tracks

Forensic investigators will soon be able to use real-time 3D imaging to capture footprints and tire tracks, thanks to the efforts of Song Zhang (associate professor of mechanical engineering) and his team at Purdue. They have developed a compact device that anyone can use, delivering accurate high-resolution 3D images that can help investigators identify the smallest features of a shoe print in soil or snow.
November 1, 2016

Davies wins noise control award

Patricia Davies received the 2016 Per Bruel Gold Medal for Noise Control and Acoustics from ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
October 31, 2016

National Society of Black Engineers started at Purdue in 1975

Today, Tony Harris (BSME '75) is a successful entrepreneur in California. But in 1971, he was a kid from the south side of Chicago who wanted to be an engineer, but had never taken a calculus class. His experiences at Purdue led him and 5 other Boilermakers ("The Chicago Six") to form the National Society of Black Engineers, which now has more than 30,000 members in 350 chapters around the world.
October 28, 2016

Can machine learning help engineers identify building damage?

When buildings are damaged, engineers take a lot of photos to document it -- but then must pore over those images by hand. A new system developed by Shirley Dyke and her team utilizes "deep learning" algorithms that allow computers to dramatically speed up the process.
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