Thesis Format Self Checklist

  • Name
  • Degree
  • Version
  • Date
  • Deposit Date
  •  Every item on the list below is checked and this checklist is included along with the thesis file
  •  Thesis file is in pdf format and is named LastnamePhDvx.pdf or LastnameMSvx.pdf (where x is the appropriate version number)
  •  File is emailed to

Paper Size

  •  Letter (8 1/2" by 11") paper size is used
  •  The default paper size is set to "Letter" when converting to PDF


  •  All text is set in 12 point Times New Roman font


  •  Left: 1"
  •  Right: 1"
  •  Bottom: 1"
  •  Top: 1"

No widows or orphans

  •  At least 2 lines of a paragraph are present at the top and bottom of chapter pages

Page Numbers

  •  Page numbers are in the top right corner on portrait pages
  •  Page numbers are in the bottom right corner of landscape pages and are turned to read top to bottom (if using MS Word template see section 2.1 of template for more information and instructions)
  •  Arabic numerals (2, 3, 4...) are used on ALL pages of the thesis. Numbering begins on the Statement of Committee Approval page with 2.  Title page counts as page 1, but is not numbered.


  •  Purdue University Thesis Title Page Template MUST be used.
  •  Thesis title is centered and in all capital letters
  •  Acknowledgments, TOC, LOT, LOF, and other page titles are centered and in capital letters
  •  Chapter headings are centered, in all capital letters
  •  Chapter numbers are terminated with a period or colon, e.g., “CHAPTER 1. TITLE” or “CHAPTER 1: TITLE,” or do not contain punctuation, e.g., “1 Chapter Title”
  •  Section headings and sub-headings use title case

Table of Contents/List of Tables/List of Figures

  •  All section headings in the TOC match the headings in the body exactly including all punctuation and capitalization.
  •  TOC, LOT and LOF have 1.5 line spacing.
  •  Chapter/Section titles and figure/table captions do not run into the page number area.
  •  When continuing chapter/section titles and figure/table captions to a second line of text, left justify the continued line of text under the chapter/section title or figure/table caption.


  •  The introduction block (first paragraph) is in single line spacing
  •  The thesis title in the first line is the same as the title page, but in title case. Title case means that the first and all significant words are capitalized, e.g., “This is an Example of Title Case”
  •  The rest of the Abstract has the same spacing format as the body of the thesis


  •  Equation numbers format is either single number, or chapter-number-dot-number in parenthesis
  •  In cross-references within the text, the number is within parenthesis and the first letter of the word equation is capitalized, e.g., “Equation (1.1)”
  •  Equations are centered or left justified
  •  All equations are in the same font

Figure and Table Captions

  •  Table captions go above tables. Figure captions go below figures.
  •  All figure and table captions end with a period and use single line spacing
  •  Figure and table numbers are terminated with a period or colon, e.g., “Figure 1.1. Caption.”, or “Table 1.1: Caption.”
  •  The numbering scheme is sequential (“Figure 1. Caption.”, “Figure 2. Caption.”, etc.), or chapter.number (“Figure 1.1. Caption.” , “Figure 1.2. Caption.” , etc.). You may use a hyphen (“-“) instead of period (“.”) in numbers, e.g., “Figure 1-1: Caption.”
  •  When a figure spans more than one page, the first page has the complete caption. The subsequent pages have a caption like “Figure 1.1. Continued.”
  •  When a table is continued on additional pages, the first page has the full title, and subsequent pages have a title like “Table 1.1: Continued.”

List of References

  •  List of References appears before Appendices
  •  ALL references need to be cross cited. When cross-referenced within the text, references are sequential numbers in square brackets, e.g., [1] or [1-4] or [1,2], or author-date in parentheses, e.g., (Name, 1992) or (Name1 and Name2, 1992) or, for a reference with more than two authors, (Name1 et al., 1992).
  •  Reference format is consistent; references have only the first initial of the authors and not the whole first name
  •  If done by sequential number, the LIST OF REFERENCES section is a numbered list with the numbers left justified and subsequent lines right offset for clarity
  •  If done by author-date, the LIST OF REFERENCES section is an alphabetical list of appropriately formatted citations, starting with authors’ names, and the first line is left justified and the subsequent lines right offset for clarity
  •  Line spacing between citations is 1.5 or double


  •  Appendix titles use chapter-level headings with the title preceded optionally by the word Appendix (or APPENDIX) and a sequential letter optionally terminated by a period or colon, e.g., “Appendix A. Title” or “APPENDIX B: TITLE” or “A Title”
  •  The word “Appendix” may or may not be all capitals, but is consistent with the capitalization style in chapter headings


  •  Section is titled VITA
  •  Vita is included in PhD dissertation (optional for MS thesis)

List of Publications (optional)


Index (optional)

  •  Section is titled Index