Payroll Information for Mechanical Engineering Graduate Staff

ME Business Office: Room 2051 of the Mechanical Engineering Building

Payroll Contact: Cheyenne Taskey, or (765) 496-9319

If you have an RA or TA appointment, or if your fellowship is being administered as an assistantship, please make sure that you complete Section 1 of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Form I-9 as stated in your offer letter prior to going to the Mechanical Engineering Business office. To access the form, please visit and click on the link titled “Electronic I-9 for new hires/rehires”. If you are currently not funded, but pick up a position later, never begin working until you have completed both sections of your I-9.

Proper ID – bring ID to the Mechanical Engineering Business Office (original documents – no copies).

SSN – All non-U.S. residents must apply for a social security number (if you do not have one) and the SSN must be submitted to the business office within 30 days of your hire date or your employment will end. In order to apply for an SSN, you will need to go to the business office to get an SSN Request Letter.

Direct Deposit – Purdue requires that you sign up for direct deposit of salary. If you do not have a bank account set up, you will need to get an account established and complete the banking information in Employee Self Service as soon as possible. When direct deposit is not on file, a paper check will be cut and held at the Freehafer Administration building (401 S Grant St.) for two weeks and then will be put in US postal mail to the address on file if it is not picked up. Payments will be made on the last working day of every month.

If at any time your support changes please notify immediately of the change to avoid being paid incorrectly or not at all.


If you hold a half-time TA or RA appointment, or a Fellowship that is being administered as an assistantship, you are eligible for the Graduate Staff Insurance program. There are multiple plans available for you to select and premiums for each plan are different. You may go to to look at these different plans before enrolling in one.

If your appointment drops below half time, you will automatically be dropped from the insurance program.

The premium for the insurance will be deducted from your paycheck when you select one of the two options that have a University contribution as well. If you select the plan without a University contribution, you will need to pay the full premium at the beginning of each semester.

Vacation Time

Grads in ME are appointed on the Fiscal Year (12-month) cycle and have a total of 22 days of vacation time available each year. You must be employed for three months before you are allowed to take any paid vacation days. Vacation days are accumulated by the month and you cannot use them before they are earned. You will accumulate two days of vacation every month that you are employed with the exception of September and March in which only one day is accumulated for each month. Vacation requests must be approved by your supervisor prior to the leave being taken. Accumulated vacation days will be forfeited if you leave the University for any reason or if there is a break in employment.

To use vacation days, a Form 33 ABSENCE must be completed, signed by yourself and the P.I., and submitted to the M.E. Business Office. Additional forms are available at or may be obtained in the Business Office. Since the TA appointments in ME are on the FY schedule, you will automatically be put in vacation status during the school breaks where no classes are in session.

Purdue Holidays can be found at: Any days taken off besides the Holidays listed must be taken as vacation.

ME Business Office: Room 2051 of the Mechanical Engineering Building

Payroll Contact: Cheyenne Taskey, or (765) 496-9319