Curricular Practical Training

ME 69600 - Advanced Professional Internship


0 credits, but appears on transcript as Satisfactory (S), or Unsatisfactory (U) submission of approved written report.

Type of Instruction


Usually Offered

Summer, Fall, Spring semesters.

Abbreviated Title

Adv Prof Internship (as it will appear on record).


Advanced professional experience in mechanical engineering. The program is coordinated by the school with cooperation of participating employers. Students submit a written report to the ME Graduate Chair.

Registration Approval

Departmental and major professor approval is required.

Repeatable for Credit

Yes, this course may be repeated for credit.

Credit by Exam

Not available for this course.


Flat rate, $400

Course Requirement

A 1-2 page written report on the internship work experience is required. The content of the report should include information about the employer’s business, operations, organizational structure including the internship position, responsibilities, experiences, and details of tasks and projects that were assigned. Exercise caution to include proprietary or confidential information that the employer does not want to release. You must include your name, employer name, the course numbers (ME 69600), and the time of the internship period (Summer 2014, Fall 2014).

Due date for report

The written report is due to your major professor the day specified by the ME Graduate Office. Failure to submit the written report on the required date will result in an unsatisfactory grade.


The course will be graded as “S” satisfactory, or “U” unsatisfactory based on the written report of the internship experience.


Master’s student standing or higher. Authorized equivalent courses or consent of instructor may be used in satisfying pre- and co-requisites.

Registration Requirements & Process

Before your CPT will be approved, you must have:

  • completed 1 academic year in full-time status (fall & spring semesters)
  • a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • an approved Plan of Study

You will not be approved for CPT in a semester in which you are scheduled to:

  • take or re-take Area Exams
  • plan to register as a candidate for graduation

If you are an F-1 international student and plan to work off campus, you are required to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). F-1 students must complete the ISS online CPT workshop and receive written employment authorization from ISS before beginning employment. Further information regarding CPT instructions, forms or processing times, please contact the ISS Office in Schleman Hall, Room 136.

If you a domestic student, you may opt to not register for ME 69600 if you have an internship.

If you are MSME thesis option, Direct PhD or PhD student, you are required to be enrolled in 1 hour of thesis research (ME 69800 or ME 69900) in addition to the 1 credit hour of ME 69600, only if you plan to enroll as a candidate in your returning semester on-campus after the CPT.

An offer letter from the company must be submitted when registering for the course. The letter must include:

  • title of the position
  • dates of employment (start and end dates)
  • mailing address, including zip code of the employment location
  • number of work hours per week
  • salary, and a brief description of the job duties and responsibilities

Visit the International Student and Scholars website to learn more about Curricular Practical Training.

Fill out the CPT (ME 69600) Application Form and meet with the ME Director of Graduate Programs to register for ME 69600.

ME Graduate Office
585 Purdue Mall (Room 1003)
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-5730