What do I need to do to be cleared to be on campus?

Please Note:  If you have opted into the fully online learning experience, you should not be on campus.

For on-campus students, to be cleared to be on campus to attend classes and/or participate in campus activities or use campus facilities:

First, you must complete the following requirements to be "campus ready", even if you have been on campus for the entire summer:

  • Be tested for COVID-19 and have a negative test result on file. Or, if you recently tested positive, you must have documentation from the Protect Purdue Health Center that you have completed a 10-day isolation after the test (asymptomatic) or 10 days after symptom onset.
  • Complete the required Student Health & Safety training that’s preloaded into your Brightspace account.  Be sure to take the quiz. 
  • Provide updated contact information, including a primary phone number and the address where you plan to live while attending classes for the Fall 2020 semester. Verify the information even if you have not moved in the past year.
    • Login to your myPurdue account and click on the Academic tab.
    • Look for the “Important Student Contact Information” and update your Student Primary Phone and Student Address while Enrolled. If you are not living in University Residences this semester, it’s imperative that you provide the address of where you plan to live while Fall 2020 classes are in session.  If you will be in a Residence Hall, provide that address.  This information will be used for contact tracing, which is designed to identify, communicate and contain possible COVID-19 exposure, if needed. 

Second, if you have arrived from overseas then you must also begin and complete a 14 day self-quarantine time period per CDC guidance before you take a COVID-19 test and before you participate in any on-campus activities.  Self-quarantine guidance is explained here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/risk-assessment.html

Please contact the Protect Purdue Health Center (PPHC) if you have arrived at Purdue from an international location so that they can schedule you for a COVID-19 test on day 12 of your self-quarantine to prevent premature "campus ready" clearance status in MyPurdue.

Kindly also check-in with the PPHC when your 14-day self-quarantine is over to certify that you have completed the quarantine period.  At that time the PPHC will issue a letter, which along with the certification in MyPurdue, will permit you to participate in on-campus events and classes.

How can I confirm I’ve been cleared to be on-campus?

Before you are on campus for classes, research, or any other reason, you need to confirm that you’ve been cleared to access campus.  You can view your status by logging into MyPurdue under the Action Required tab. Once all necessary actions are completed (negative COVID-19 test on file, completed online training, updated address and phone number) you will see the following screen:


Many reports of cleared/not cleared students are in flux due to last minute registrations and system delays. Because of this, you may be asked to share a copy of your cleared status on your phone, laptop, or as a print-out when attending on-campus classes or other events until the data is finalized. Please be prepared to do this if an instructor or other university official asks.

If you are NOT cleared, please complete these required steps as soon as possible. In the meantime, you must NOT attend in-person classes either as a student or a TA. Please contact your instructor and plan to access course material remotely until you are cleared.

If you are on campus for research or other activities, even if you are not taking classes, you must still be cleared to access campus. This is true even if you have been on campus all summer. Please complete these steps as soon as possible if they are not already done. Failure to do so is a violation of Protect Purdue policies, and your campus access could be revoked.

If you believe there may be a technical error because you have completed all necessary steps more than 48 hours ago and MyPurdue is showing you are not cleared, please email Linda Mason, Dean of the Graduate School at lmason@purdue.edu with your name, PUID, and the suspected issue. She is assisting students while the technical systems get caught up. All other questions, please contact the ME Grad Office.


ME Graduate Office
585 Purdue Mall (Room 1003)
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-5730