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Gatewood Second Floor Plan

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Gold areas are available for naming, shaded areas are no longer available.

Historic Heavilon Hall Clock SPECIAL FUNDING PROJECT, Please contact the ME Development Office:
January 1894 was the dedication of Heavilon Hall, the newly built home of Purdue Engineering. The Heavilon Hall tower stood tall and proud as symbol of academic excellence for all to see, until tragedy struck just four days after the dedication. Students, faculty, and administrators watched helplessly as flames devoured their new campus landmark, and it was a day never to be forgotten. President Smart vowed to build the next building “one brick higher.” Fast forward to 2011, where the old Heavilon Hall Clock will be maintained and displayed in the Atrium area of the Gatewood Wing, where tradition and history in Purdue engineering meets state of the art. A special fund has been created for the Purdue Mechanical Engineering Clock project. (2nd Floor, near Informal Student Commons)

Mechanical Engineering Small Formal Conference Room - $100,000
This ME Small Formal Conference Room is strategically located and will provide much-needed, professional meeting space for faculty, administrators, and industrial advisory groups for up to 30 participants. The conference room will be equipped with video-conferencing systems, including large-screen monitors, cameras, and microphones. With a gift of $100,000, you can help provide and sustain an area of importance for Mechanical Engineering. (Room 2166)

Mechanical Engineering Workroom - $150,000
The Mechanical Engineering Workroom is a space dedicated to providing a learning environment that, with your gift of $150,000, will produce graduates who are equipped with the creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills necessary for modern working environments. Additionally, this space will be used for project construction. (Room 2130)

Mechanical Engineering Faculty Offices - $10,000 EACH
These offices will serve as primary offices for many of our ME faculty members in a high traffic area. If you are or were a faculty member at Purdue, this may be a way you could leave your legacy behind in a special way with a gift of $10,000. On the other hand, maybe you had a professor or another faculty member that made a great impact on you while a student at Purdue, and this is a way you could give back and recognize that individual as well as leave your own legacy to the future students of Purdue’s ME program. (Rooms 2155, 2185, 2187, 2189, 2190, 2191, 2192, 2193, 2194, 2196, 2197, 2198, 2201)