Sophomore Mechanical Engineering students have an amazing opportunity available to them.  With Engineering Term Abroad (ETA), students can spend a semester overseas, learning engineering in amazing cultural settings -- and still graduate on time and under budget. With Purdue handling the logistics, hundreds of students have taken advantage of this unique opportunity to Study Abroad.
  1. Core engineering classes in English! No need for intensive language study
  2. Graduate in four years! All credits transfer, with no impact on your GPA
  3. Comparable cost to West Lafayette! Everything's included (even airfare), and bonus scholarships are available
  4. Enhance your resume! World travelers have an instant advantage in job hunting
  5. Amazing cultural experiences! See incredible sights and make lifelong friendships
You might assume things about Colombia based on TV and movies... but today's Colombia is peaceful, thriving, and according to Lonely Planet, the #2 travel destination in the world.  From the Andes mountains to the Caribbean coast, there is so much to explore in this South American country. And with Purdue academic connections dating back to the 1960s, engineers will get a solid educational foundation as well:
Spain is a melting pot of history, culture, and beauty. From the cosmopolitan streets of Madrid to the Mediterranean coasts of Valencia, Spain offers a fascinating glimpse into European life. Watch this student's travelogue, and you'll see that Spain is a top-notch engineering destination.
In the past decade, more than 300 Purdue ME students have studied in China.  The world's most populated country is also one of the world's most exciting places, with incredible cities and amazing historical and natural wonders; check out this video of Tom's experience in Shanghai. Their strong relationship with Purdue also guarantees a smooth transition to studying abroad, and a challenging and state-of-the-art educational experience.

Applications are due April 15, 2017.

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Myth #1: 
I don’t speak the local language so I can’t participate in the ETA in China, Colombia, or Spain.
Truth: ETA programs don’t have foreign language requirements -- all core engineering and many non-technical courses are offered in English.

Myth #2: I can’t graduate on time if I study abroad for a semester. I’m a Purdue ME major, and there’s no programs that would fit my plan of study.
Truth: All ETA participants are able to graduate on time. We have identified a selected set of courses at the partner institutions that match our curriculum and transfer as ME core courses. Pass/No-pass options are available for courses taken abroad, so that students’ GPA won’t be affected by different grading system.

Myth #3: It’s expensive and I can’t afford a semester abroad.
Truth: Most ETA programs are cost neutral, meaning that a semester abroad in China or Colombia will have comparable or lower living expenses than living in West Lafayette, Indiana (Europe tends to be moderately more expensive). Plus, cost may be further reduced thanks to Purdue Moves scholarship and other scholarship opportunities (e.g. Gilman).

Myth #4: I may not come back on time for to do summer internships or courses if studying abroad.
Truth: Students will be able to return home on time to participate in summer internships or take Purdue summer courses.

Myth #5: Engineering students typically don’t study abroad.
Truth: Currently, 40% of Purdue ME students study abroad during their Purdue career, which is significantly higher than the national average (5% of engineering undergraduates study abroad). Purdue ME needs your help! Please encourage your children to study abroad so that we can achieve an even higher studying abroad participation rate.

Myth #6: Purdue ME students only study abroad in Europe.
Truth: ME students study abroad all over the world, including countries outside of Europe and non-English speaking countries. We have students going to Colombia, Hong Kong, Spain, and Shanghai.  In 2017 Spring alone, there are 38 studying in Madrid, Spain and 39 boilermakers studying in Shanghai, China. Over the past 10 years, about 300 Purdue ME juniors have studied as exchange students in Shanghai, China (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ranked #1 ME program in China).

Myth #7: Potential employers don’t value study abroad.
Truth: Employers want young talents who are global-minded and effective cross-cultural communicators. Returning students consistently mentioned that their ETA semester abroad experience makes them stand out during interviews at the Purdue Industrial Roundtable (IR). A semester abroad in China, Spain and Colombia has proven to be a substantial and marketable professional credential that boosts our students’ early career.

Myth #8: I will miss my social life at Purdue and feel alone while abroad.
Truth: Cohort-experience is a unique feature of ETA programs. Students will travel abroad with their Purdue friends, come back with more, and develop a lifelong network of international friends. A Purdue Engineering staff member will travel with the students to provide on-site support.

Myth #9: I’ve never traveled abroad, maybe study abroad is not for me.
Truth: We believe that every student who is in good academic standing can study abroad. We offer a one-credit Pre-departure class specifically designed to get participants ready for their semester abroad. The Pre-departure class will get students culturally oriented and well-prepared in terms of study abroad applications and travel logistics (safety, accommodations, health insurance, visa, etc.)

Myth #10: I don’t know where to live in a foreign country. Is it safe?
Truth: Students have many options for overseas accommodations, ranging from western-style on-campus dormitories to off-campus apartments and homestay options in safe neighborhoods.
There are many ways to start the process of applying for an Engineering Term Abroad. Your undergraduate advisors can assist you in arranging your academic schedule to fit in all the classes you need.  Then you can contact the advisors for the specific program:
China/Hong Kong
Wei Qiu

Visit website for Hong Kong / Shanghai
H. Parker

Visit website for Colombia / Spain