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Prerequisite Exceptions

Exceptions to take a course with a missing prerequisite is rare. However, in select circumstances approval can be considered if key conditions are met. Perhaps the most common example of such an exception is a student being permitted to take ME 463 with one missing prerequisite course (either ME 315, ME 352, ME 375, or MSE 230). When considering if such an exception is advisable, a number of factors are considered. These factors include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Grades (the cumulative as well as the immediate past performance),
  2. Current good standing academically,
  3. Proposed workload,
  4. Reasons for the exception, and
  5. Workload balance

This exception is primarily approved when a student has no more than one missing prerequisite coupled with ample space in their semester schedule to take the course without creating a heavy workload AND when such an exception would eliminate the need for an extra semester. Requests for a prerequisite exception must be submitted in writing to both the Associate Head of the ME Undergraduate Program and the ME Director of Advising.