Bogazici University (BU)
Istanbul, Turkey

Bogazici University Exchange Program website:

ME students will be studying in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Bogazici University (NTU).  Roberts College (now Bogazici Univeristy) was founded by two Americans, Mr. Christopher R. Robert and Dr. Cyrus Hamlin in 1863. It was the first American College outside of the United States.  All courses at Bogazici University are taught in English.  

Academic calendar

  • Spring semester:  Early February to early June.  2011 spring semester: 2/7/2011 to 6/10/2011.

Plan-of-study and core course transfer

Housing cost

International student housing at Superdorm is EUR2120 per semester + EUR200 deposit. Food is relatively inexpensive.

Purdue Study Abroad Program Number: SA20286

Application process

  • Talk with your parents/family and confirm that you are going
  • Adjust your POS to reflect ETA study abroad in Spring semester (core course and electives)
  • Inform Prof. George Chiu and Jerry Matthews of your intention by 09/01 - We need to inform/nominate your to the host institution
  • Meet with your fellow students who are going to Bogazici University to strategize and collaborate on application and travel planning
  • Complete application at Bogazici University before their application deadline (10/15)
  • Complete registration of appropriate SA and ME course for Spring semester
  • Apply for appropriate visa for Turkey as soon as possible
  • Apply for student housing at Superdorm as soon as appropriate
  • Begin travel arrangement