ME Engineering Term Abroad (ETA) Program

The ETA program is design to provide a one semester study abroad experience for all ME students with good academic standing.  The program enables ME students to spend one semester at an international partner institution with minimum or no financial and academic impact.  We encourage students to participate in groups of 3-5 students. 

Program highlights

  • No language requirement - all core and many technical and non-technical courses are taught in English.
  • No impact to plan of study (POS) and time-to-graduation - we have identified a selected set of courses at the partner institution that will transfer as ME core courses, see sample POS.
  • No impact to Purdue GPA - ME courses taken abroad with C- or better grades will receive appropriate credit transfer and are not included in Purdue GPA computation.
  • You can go with your friends - each partner institutions will accept up to 5 or 10 Purdue ME students at a time.
  • No financial impact - you will pay the normal Purdue tuition and fees and you will be considered a full-time registered student at Purdue that should not impact scholarship or other financial aide eligibility.  We try to identify locations that have comparable or lower living expenses compared with West Lafayette, Indiana.
  • No impact to internship or summer semester - you will be able to return to US in time for summer internship or summer semester.


  • ME student in good academic standing with approved plan of study



  • Attend ME Global Program call out in the spring semester.
  • Contact Dr. Dianne Atkinson if you are interested in the ETA-China
  • Contact Jerry Matthews or Professor Charles Krousgrill if you are interested in other destinations
  • Adjust individual plan-of-study to match courses offered in destination institution and have it approved by your advisor.
  • Attend ETA program meeting in the beginning of the Fall semester
  • Register for the appropriate Study Abroad Program for your destination and complete application to destination institution and appropriate travel documents.