May 31, 2016

Davies wins noise control award

Patricia Davies received the 2016 Per Bruel Gold Medal for Noise Control and Acoustics from ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
May 26, 2016

Cubimorph: a modular tech device that transforms

Imagine a Rubik's Cube-like device that could morph from a smartphone to a game controller. That's the idea behind Cubimorph, a concept jointly developed by the University of Bristol in England and Purdue's C Design Lab. Tiny touchscreen cubes, connected via custom-designed turntable hinges, allow the user to reconfigure their device, while all the tiny screens stay connected and coordinated. After the project was presented last week to the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Stockholm, Cubimorph received big media attention from Yahoo, Discovery News, CNet, Engadget, Gizmodo, and many others.
May 24, 2016

Cummins CTO encourages women to pursue engineering and the boardroom

Purdue University graduate Jennifer Rumsey (BSME '96) is the VP and Chief Technical Officer for Cummins, Inc. -- a $19 billion global corporation best known for its diesel engines. In this alumni profile, she talks about her time at Purdue, the benefits of engineering knowledge in the boardroom, and why women should pursue mechanical engineering as a path to a rewarding career.
May 19, 2016

Undergraduates do top-level research: Bottomley Scholars

Purdue is well known for its graduate research programs, but thanks to a donation by Jim & Marilynn Dammon, undergraduates also have the opportunity to team up with a faculty member and pursue top-level research in mechanical engineering. The Bottomley Scholars (named after Marilynn's father, H. William Bottomley, a 1943 Purdue ME graduate) team up with a faculty member and pursue research projects in nanotechnology, rocket fuel, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and more. They presented their findings to the public at a recent poster show.
May 18, 2016

Moser named to ASEE Board of Directors

Julayne Moser, director of Graduate Studies in Purdue University's School of Mechanical Engineering, was elected to the board of directors of the American Society for Engineering Education.
May 17, 2016

Garimella wins ITherm Achievement Award

Congratulations to the recipient of the ITherm Achievement Award for 2016, Suresh Garimella (R. Eugene & Susie E. Goodson Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering).
May 16, 2016

Spring 2016 Commencement features more than 300 ME students

Purdue's Spring 2016 Commencement took place on Friday, May 13. There were 251 Mechanical Engineering seniors who received their Bachelor of Science; 63 received their Masters of Science; and 13 received doctorates. Congratulations to all, and have fun changing the world!
May 10, 2016

CardboardiZer turns dinosaur dreams into cardboard reality

Playing with toy dinosaurs is one thing -- but designing your own dinosaur in a computer, and having it digitally converted to an easy-to-assemble cardboard model? That's the goal of the CardboardiZer system, developed by the C Design Lab at Purdue University. This system allows novice designers to convert static three-dimensional objects into moving robotic versions made out of cardboard, wood and sheet metal. "We are taking inanimate objects and making them come alive," said Karthik Ramani, the Donald W. Feddersen Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University.
May 9, 2016

Scott Tingle headed to International Space Station in 2017

Scott Tingle (MSME '88) will join the crew of the International Space Station in 2017. NASA announced that, starting in September 2017, Tingle will live aboard the ISS for two consecutive expeditions. Tingle has a masters degree from Purdue in mechanical engineering, with a specialty in fluid mechanics and propulsion.
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