Haesoo Moon Diabetes Device, Weekly Report

Goals from Previous Meeting

  • figure set and manuscript draft
  • MRSA controls on PI, PTFE, and incubation on torsional microactuators
  • five pages of QLA
  • help Sarah Libring understand coloc2 function in ImageJ


  • bacteria figures are complete
  • helping Qi measure maximum deflection angle of torsional microactuators with video of actuation
  • MRSA controls on PI, PTFE, and two torsional microactuators
  • set up MATLAB code for Sarah to use in conjunction with Zen Blue CLSM analysis software to quantify YAP/TAZ colocalization


  • waiting on complete shear stress simulation data from ME
  • nickel layer on torsional microactuators is being removed during bacteria incubation so no images after actuation were taken

Goals for Next Meeting

  • work on completing manuscript
  • actuate torsional microactuator with shortened incubation time (24 hours) to determine whether the biofilm itself is hindering actuation
  • order in vivo supplies
  • submit PACUC revisions
  • three pages of QLA