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Nateghi discusses climate disasters & resilience engineering

Nateghi discusses climate disasters & resilience engineering

Photo of Roshanak Nateghi
Asst. Prof. Roshanak Nateghi
A Purdue IE professor discusses climate disasters and resilience engineering in the Fall 2018 issue of ENGINEERING FRONTIERS magazine.

More than half of the nation’s major power failures from 2000–2016 were caused by severe weather, affecting millions of people and costing billions of dollars, says Roshanak Nateghi, assistant professor of industrial engineering and environmental and ecological engineering.

“The number of billion-dollar climate disasters is expanding rapidly and so is the cost associated with them,” she says. Nateghi leads research into the effects of climate change on future energy consumption.

Source: "Resilience Engineering", by Emil Venere, ENGINEERING FRONTIERS, Purdue University College of Engineering (Fall 2018).