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Research Highlights

October 25, 2013
A JTRP study (SPR-3709) led by Purdue Civil Engineering Professors Phillip Dunston and Hubo Cai has been initiated to analyze the data from the IC rollers. This data, along with the corresponding Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) acceptance tests, will be used to develop allowable tolerances and acceptance testing criteria.
Paint Truck
October 25, 2013
Prior to 2013, INDOT operated two paint trucks per district (one edge line truck and one center line truck). The Greenfield and Crawfordsville districts were chosen to develop and test ideas to enable the transition to painting with just one truck per district. More
Internally Cured Bridge Deck
April 1, 2013
Internally cured high performance bridge concrete (ICHPC) is a standard bridge deck concrete mixture in which a portion of the cement is replaced with silica fume and fly ash to improve the properties, providing a more dense and less permeable material. More
November 20, 2013
Rumble stripes are an effective countermeasure for preventing roadway departure crashes. The noise and vibration produced by rumble stripes alert drivers when they leave the traveled roadway. Rumble stripes is the term used for stripes painted with a retro reflective coating to increase the visibility of the pavement edge at night and during inclement weather conditions. More