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Adipo Therapeutics

Adipo is a biotech company developing a method to treat type-2 diabetes using a polymer-based, Notch-inhibiting nanoparticles that are injected directly into adipose (fat) tissue to induce browning, or white-to-beige adipocyte transformation. This treatment uses the body's own physiology to raise energy expenditure, reduce adiposity, and improve insulin resistance.

PETAL Solutions

PETAL Solutions proposes ready-to-use solutions to measure pressure and temperature in harsh environments and sell customized packages that include probes and software for precise post-processing of the data. Additionally, PETAL Solutions also provides consultancy for a wide variety of gas turbine applications, ranging from the design of cooling methodologies to turbine optimization as well as next-generation small core gas turbine engines.


We are developing a patent protected wearable device for epilepsy patients at risk of Sudden, Unexpected Death in Epilepsy. Our wearable device monitors key physiological signals associated with SUDEP to alert for seizure, cardiorespiratory dysfunctions and impending SUDEP risk, allowing real-time preventative action.

HySonic Technologies

HySonic Technologies (HySonic) specializes in the development of computational models for the simulation of flow problems of interest to the defense industry. Already funded by NASA-Ames and US Navy to carry out modeling of turbine engine noise control and hypersonic vehicles, HySonic is also engaging customers (federal and private) in the field of prediction of combustion instabilities (i.e. thermoacoustics), hypersonic and supersonic flow, high-speed turbulence and aero-acoustics.