Methods and Tools


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Evaluate the Innovation Opportunity Space

Appraise the change in trends which demand innovation, and identify innovator knowledge gaps and in-going biases. See new ways to approach a challenge.

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Set a Vision

Set an ideal-state vision for a problem in need of a solution or a solution in need of a problem to solve to identify differentiated performance dimensions​ and highlight strategic starting points.

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Identify Actionable Innovation Motifs

Select specific innovation archetypes which relate to distinct fundamental patterns of technology, organization, and market implementation strategies to guide an agile pursuit of innovation.

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Map the Innovation Journey

Plan for the iterative nature of the innovation process by accounting for critical resources, potential pitfalls, and new application spaces as a concept and its impact potential develop.

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Develop a Shared Language of Innovation

Align at an organizational level on the characteristics, resourcing needs, leadership approach for different forms of innovation


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Frame a Complex Problem​

Structure previously “intractable” problems into actionable forms that allow for the systematic exploration of underlying issues and root cause

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Define the Problem Space

Rapidly explore the space in which the problem exists in terms of sought stakeholder purposes in specific contexts.

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Develop a Systems View

Develop a systems view to articulate new activity focal points, collaboration opportunities, and/or future growth trajectories

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Forecast Ecosystem Implications

​Map issues critical to relevant stakeholders to develop a networked understanding of the problem and barriers to change (i.e. skills, wealth, access, time, behavior, attitude, belief).

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Ideate on Solution Spaces

Distill the problem to its first principle form to invite interactions with new schools of thought and produce multiple alternative solution spaces (i.e. across industries and other application spaces​)

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Evaluate and Select Solution Paths

Weigh performance tradeoffs and headroom to assess high-impact solutions for growth


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Manage Uncertainty

Define emergent paths based on idea/solution assumptions, success metrics, and small-scale assumption tests.

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Facilitate Adoption

Develop a go-to-market strategy that communicates insights and creates key relationships to drive solution acceptance among beneficiaries along the adoption journey.

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Go Beyond the Moonshot

Select paths to earn and learn with a lily pad strategy. Scale with this lower risk strategy to allow for continued resource acquisition and learning throughout concept development.

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Measure Impact

Measure impact as the extent of reach, ability to shift the paradigm, the longevity of the change, and the significance of the change