The seed for new business creation and entry into funding circles


Purdue Foundry

  • Dedicated to moving ideas to marketplace through new ventures
  • In the business of building startup companies
  • Offers ideation workshops, training, funding resources, mentors

The Anvil

  • Purdue's student-run Entrepreneurship Hub
  • A place for like-minded peers to exchange ideas
  • Provides events and resources for student-run ventures


  • Aims to spur innovation, collaboration, and economic impact from Purdue research
  • Helps researchers determine commercial potential of inventions
  • Provides entrepreneurial education for researchers and individuals

EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service)

  • Service-learning design program for students
  • Addresses engineering-based human, community, environmental needs
  • Works with community partners to design, develop, deliver, and support real projects

Shah Family Global Innovation Lab (Formerly I2D Lab)

  • Addresses global challenges through:
    • Market-based approaches
    • Diverse collaboration
    • Scalability
  • Internal seed grants
  • External grant writing
  • Successes:
    • Low-cost medical diagnostic innovation (recipient of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration grant)
    • Revolutionary supply chain and logistics system (developed for Catholic Relief Services)
    • Purdue Utility Platform (PUP) - an affordable, high-capability vehicle

Faculty Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy

  • Professional development program for faculty with an interest in understanding commercialization
  • Introduces faculty to resources available throughout the Purdue entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Provides essential skill sets needed for entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Offers a venue for extensive networking opportunities