Core Strengths of Purdue Engineering in Data and Engineering Applications

Neuromorphic computing
Signal processing
Data visualization
Infrastructure monitoring
Digital agriculture
Advanced manufacturing
Biomedical imaging
Education data analytics


C-BRIC: Center for Brain Inspired Computing
The Center for Brain-inspired Computing Enabling Autonomous Intelligence, or C-BRIC, is a five-year project supported by $27 million in funding from the Semiconductor Research Corp. (SRC) via its Joint University Microelectronics Program, which provides funding from a consortium of industrial sponsors as well as from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The SRC operates research programs in the United States and globally that connect industry to university researchers, deliver early results to enable technological advances, and prepare a highly-trained workforce for the semiconductor industry.

OATS: The Open Ag Technologies and Systems Group
The Open Ag Technology and Systems Group is devoted to bringing great open source projects to agriculture. We are farmers, professors, students, scientists, and engineers. We love to code, solder, do math, analyze data, and have fun doing it. We don’t like having to reinvent the wheel, so we publish the results of our efforts publicly to help support fellow researchers anywhere else in the world.