Institute of Transportation Engineers
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Purdue ITE introduces students to the transportation profession and promotes the advancement of the profession by fostering close association of Purdue University students with practicing engineers, educators from other institutions, and local and national chapters of ITE. This website provides information on the history of ITE, details on our student events, a summary of weekly seminar presentations, a photo gallery of past activities, and transportation resources.

Congratulations to the Purdue ITE Traffic Bowl Team on winning the Great Lakes District competition! They will be going to Hollywood, FL, in August to compete against 8 other districts in the national competition. Good luck!

Congratulations to the new members of the Purdue ITE Council for the 2015-2016 academic year:

President: Mohammad Miralinaghi

Vice President: Wayne Bunnell

Secretary: Maggie McNamara

Treasurer: Jijo Mathew

Social Chair & Webmaster: Michelle Mekker

TRB Coordinator: Irina Benedyk

Have a great summer and congrats to anyone graduating this May and August!

ITE Seminar Presentations

Tuesdays, 3:30-4:20pm, CIVL 1144 (During Fall and Spring Semesters)

Purdue ITE hosts weekly seminars on current transportation topics. The seminar schedule can be found on the Seminars page. All are welcome to attend these seminars. Abstracts and presentation details are emailed out each week. If you would like to join our email list, please email Howell Li.

Current Research at Purdue

Are you interested in learning about current students' research topics? Check out the Seminars page. Abstracts from both student and guest speaker presentations are provided.

Scholarship and Publication Opportunities

Please visit our Resources page to learn about scholarship and publication opportunities.

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an international educational and scientific association. ITE members are traffic engineers, transportation planners, and other professionals who are responsible for meeting society's needs for safe and efficient surface transportation through planning, design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of transportation systems.

The constitution of the Purdue University Student Chapter of ITE was approved on January 14, 1977, with Student President James R. Mekemson and Faculty Advisor Dr. Kumares Sinha. The chapter currently has 39 student members at the graduate and undergraduate level.

Purdue ITE introduces students to the transportation profession and promotes the advancement of the profession by fostering close association of students with practicing engineers, educators from other institutions, and local and national chapters of ITE. Other objectives of this chapter include fostering the development of professional spirit, acquainting students with topics of interest in transportation, and promoting common interests among students.

Abir, A.k.m
Agrawal, Shubham
Ahmad, Shaikh
Alqadhi, Saeed, Dhafer M
Athigakunagorn, Nathee
Bailey, Andrea, Leigh
Bardaka, Eleni
Benedyk, Irina, Vladimirovna
Chacon-Hurtado, Davis
Chen, Sikai
Dojutrek, Michelle, Sophie
Everett, Stephanie, Reid
Fotsch, Bradley
Grossman, Jay, Alan
Guo, Yuntao
Hall, Thomas, Mark
Jijo, Kulathintekizhakethil, Mathew
Kebede, Ammanuiel, Abay
Kim, Gilbert, Telin
Kim, Yong Hoon
Klatko, Trevor, Joseph
Kumar, Indraneel
Lavrenz, Steven, Michael
Le, Tho, Van
Lee, Choungryeol
Li, Anlan
Luong, Binh, Thanh
McNamara, Margaret, Leigh
Mekker, Michelle, Marie
Mesa Arango, Rodrigo, Sr.
Miralinaghi, Seyedmohammad
Moomen, Milhan
Murillo Hoyos, Jackeline
Noureldin, Menna
Paleti Siva Sai Krishna, Chaitanya
Parsa, Maryam
Pyrialakou, Vasiliki Dimitra
Qian, Xinwu
Qiao, Yu
Sadri, Arif, Mohaimin
Saeed Tariq Usman
Song, Dong Yoon
Sultana, Most, Afia
Sundi, Dijita
Tahsin, Saimah
Varadarajan, Vinay, Keshava
Volovski, Matthew, Jon
Wang, Jian
Woldemariam, Wubeshet, Belayneh
Xiong, Yingge
Yang, Hao
Yang, Ruiman
Zhan, Xianyuan
Zhang, Wenbo
Zhang, Zhibo
Zhu, Feng
Zou, Yaotian
Bowling Night Union Rack and Roll Friday, April 24, 2015, @ 7:00PM Cost: $2.25 for shoe rentals Picture
Game Night Wood Commons Thursday, February 12, 2015, @ 7:00PM Cost: Free! Picture
International Dinner Wood Commons Wednesday, October 29,2014, @ 6:00PM Informational Flyer Picture
Glow in the Dark Mini Golf Lafayette Monster Mini Golf Friday, September 19,2014, @ 9:00PM Cost: $6 with Student ID, $8 Without Picture
Turkey Run Canoeing Trip Sugar Creek Canoeing Friday, June 27, 2014, @ 9:30AM Cost: $10 Picture
Happy Friday DT Kirby's Friday, February 28, 2014, @ 6:00PM Cost: $10 Picture
Transportation Ladies' Coffee Outing Cafe Royal Tuesday, February 25, 2014, @ 3:00PM Cost: $10 Picture
Adopt-a-Road Cleanup Friday, April 17, 2014 Picture
Adopt-a-Road Cleanup Friday, April 11, 2014 Cancelled
Relay For Life 2014 Saturday, April 6, 2014 Picture
Purdue Color Run 2014 Saturday, March 29, 2014 Picture
Joint Tour of O'hare Airport with IIT ITE Friday, March 27, 2015, @ 9:30AM Picture Video
TRB ITE Dinner 2015 Wednesday, January 14, 2015, @ 6:30PM Picture
ITE Student Dinner Thursday, November 13, 2014, @ 6:00PM Picture
Samara House Tour Sunday, October 3, 2014, @ 2:00PM Picture
Lafayette Subaru Factory Tour Friday, August 29, 2014, @ 9:00AM Picture
Purdue Road School ITE Dinner Wednesday, March 12, 2014, @ 5:45PM Picture
ITE Great Lakes District Annual Meeting Monday, April 14, 2014, @ 8:00AM Picture
TRB ITE Dinner 2014 Wednesday, January 15, 2014, @ 6:00PM Picture

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) is one of six major divisions of the National Research Council, which serves as an independent adviser to the federal government on scientific and technical questions of national importance.

TRB's mission is to promote innovation and progress in transportation through research.

TRB annual conference will be taking place in Washington, D.C., from Jan 11 to Jan 15, 2015.

The 2015 TRB Annual Conference is being held in a new location:

Content from all TRB Technical Activities Division Groups:

Non-member Full Time Student

TRB Student Affiliate Member

Purdue ITE Chapter Hotel Reservation

Note: If you plan to stay in a hotel room booked by the Purdue ITE chapter, you must register for TRB and send your Confirmation ID# to Zhibo Zhang and D.J. Miller by November 11th!

Travel Bus Accomodations and Rules


Please discuss with your advisor whether you plan to attend TRB annual conference.

2015 TRB Annual Meeting Orientation as presented in the October 28, 2014, Transportation Seminar.

2015 TRB Guide Handout as provided at the October 28, 2014, Transportation Seminar.

Date Presenter Degree Adviser Topic
11/27/2012 Zhan Xianyuan PhD Satish Ukkusuri Estimating Urban Link Travel Time
11/20/2012 Jerry Bollinger MSCE Jon Fricker Updated Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines
11/13/2012 Ron Davis, P.E. CDM Smith Tolling in the United States: Trends and Revenue Estimation PDF
11/6/2012 Yong Hoon Kim PhD A Mathematical Modeling for the Temporal and Geographic Propagation of Information in Vehicle-to-Communications
10/30/2012 Chaitanya Paleti PhD Optimal Tolls for Converting General Purpose Lanes to High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes
10/23/2012 Arif Mohaimin Sadri PhD Satish Ukkusuri How to Evacuate? A Model to Understand the Routing Strategies during Hurricane Evacuation
10/16/2012 Alison Tanaka
Kevin Lee
Kittelson And Associates
10/02/2012 Jackeline Murillo-Hoyos MSCE Samuel Labi Public Transport, A Case Study in Colombia
9/25/2012 Howell Li MS Darcy Bullock Longitudinal Performance Measures for Assessing Agency-Wide Signal Management Objectives
9/18/2012 Steven Lavrenz PhD Samuel Labi The Impacts of Automated Electric Highway Systems for Commercial Freight Vehicles
9/11/2012 Feng Zhu PhD Satish Ukkusuri A Non-holding Back Linear Programming Model for the System Optimum Dynamic Traffic Assignment Problem
9/4/2012 Jan Myers Jon Fricker Accessibility and Disabilities
8/28/2012 Jon Fricker Transportation and Urban Development in China
8/21/2012 Intro to ITE
Date Presenter Degree Adviser Topic
1/8/2013 Introduction to ITE
1/15/2013 TRB Conference --- No Seminar
1/22/2013 Md Tawfiq Sarwar MSCE Satish Ukkusuri Modeling the Household-level Hurricane Evacuation Decision Making Process under Dynamic Contexts
1/29/2013 Yingge Xiong PhD John D. Fricker The heterogeneous effects of guardian supervision on adolescent driver-injury severities: introducing a finite-mixture random-parameters approach
2/5/2013 Aveedibya Dey MSCE Andrew Tarko Performance Assessment Measure that Indicates Geometry Sufficiency of State Highways
2/12/2013 Ricardo Sanchez CINTRA US Public Private Partnerships Basic Concepts, Case Study Application: Indiana Toll Road
2/19/2013 Dr. Terry L. Friesz Penn State University Modeling Complex Infrastructure Networks as Differential Games
2/26/2013 Dr. Larry Nies Purdue University Carbon Reduction
3/5/2013 Road School-- No Seminar
3/12/2013 Spring Break-- No Seminar
3/19/2013 Prof. Carolina Osorio Satish Ukkusuri Simulation-based optimization methods for urban transportation problems PDF
3/26/2013 Dr. Ashish Sen Kumares Sinha Bureau of Transportation Statistics
4/2/2013 Alex Hainen PhD Darcy Bullock
4/9/2013 Indraneel Kumar PhD Kumares Sinha
4/16/2013 Mohammad Arman PhD Samuel Labi
4/23/2013 Jeff Sriver John Fricker
Date Presenter Degree Adviser Topic
8/20/2013 Introduction to ITE
8/27/2013 Alex Hainen PhD Darcy Bullock High-Resolution Event-Based Data at Diamond Interchanges: Performance Measures and Optimizing Ring Displacement
9/3/2013 Dongyoon Song Advanced Traveler Information Systems
9/3/2013 Dr. Asif Faiz Asian Development Bank Performance-Based Contracting for Maintaining Road Assets - Principles and Lessons of Experience.
9/17/2013 Yuntao Guo Exploring the Opportunities and Barriers to Rail-Truck Multimodal Freight Collaboration: Truck Freight Carrier Perspective
9/24/2013 John Collier Purdue Physical Capital & Planning Department Integrated Bicycle Master Plan
10/1/2013 Michael Cline Vice President of Purdue Physical Facilities Experience as INDOT Commissioner
10/15/2013 Binh Luong Bicycle Sharing System: a Strategy to Dynamically Solve the Imbalance Problem
10/22/2013 Rick Freije Performance Measures for Traffic Signal Split Failure
10/29/2013 Dr. Khaled Ksaibati Professor of Civil Engineering - University of Wyoming Strategies for Local Agencies in Wyoming to Cope with Increased Truck Traffic due to Expanded Oil and Gas Extraction Activity
11/5/2013 Mohammad Miralinaghi Design of tradable credit schemes over multiple time periods
11/12/2013 Abdiel E. Filos-Gonzalez
12/3/2013 Tao Liao MSCE Sam Labi Update of Climate Attributes for Infrastructure Management Purposes
Date Presenter Degree Adviser Topic
1/21/2014 Xuesong Wang Professor of Transportation Engineering - Tongji University Traffic Safety Research and Applications in China
1/28/2014 Rick Marquis Division Administrator - Indiana FHWA
2/4/2014 Mike Dreznes Executive Vice President - International Road Federation Forgiving Highways
2/11/2014 Shubham Agrawal MSCE Srinivas Peeta Understanding the Discharging Pattern of Electric Vehicles Under Various Traffic Conditions
2/18/2014 Alex Hainen and Steve Remias PhD Darcy Bullock Travel Time Observations Using Bluetooth MAC Address Matching: A Case Study on the Rajiv Gandhi Roadway: Chennai, India
2/25/2014 Jackeline Murillo-Hoyos PhD Samuel Labi Space travel as a potential alternative mode of transportation
3/4/2014 Xinwu Qian MSE Satish Ukkusuri Characterizing urban dynamics using large scale taxi data
3/10/2014 Dr. Anuj Sharma University of Nebraska-Lincoln Data, Discovery and Decision Making in Traffic Operations
3/25/2014 Choungryeol Lee PhD Srinivas Peeta Freight Option-Based Collaboration for Multiple Less-Than-Truckload Carriers Logistics
4/1/2014 Steve Remias PhD Darcy Bullock Indiana Mobility Report and Applications
4/8/2014 Dr. John Riverson Retired Lead Highway Engineer - World Bank Infrastructure Development in Africa and Enhancing Quality of Life
4/15/2014 Ben Smith MSCE Darcy Bullock Signalized Corridor Assessment
4/22/2014 Pulkit Parikh MS Satish Ukkusuri A Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Approach to Reposition Bicycles in a Public Bicycle-Sharing System
4/29/2014 Joseph Kasper Bicycle Lafayette Solving the Transportations Needs of Cyclists in the Greater Lafayette Community
Date Presenter Degree Adviser Topic
8/26/2014 Introduction to ITE & ITE Code of Ethics
9/2/2014 Rodrigo Mesa-Arango PhD Satish Ukkusuri Demand Clustering in Freight Logistics Networks
9/9/2014 Sean He Postdoc Srinivas Peeta Energy-Optimal Speed Control for Plug-in Electric Vehicles on Signalized Arterials
9/16/2014 John Collier Director of Purdue Campus Master Planning Integrated Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure Study
9/23/2014 Thomas Hall MS Andrew Tarko Examining the Effects of Roundabout Circulatory Superelevation on Heavy Vehicle Rollover
9/30/2014 Michelle Mekker MS Darcy Bullock Evaluation of Temporary Construction Point Traffic Detectors for Construction Zone Traffic Monitoring
10/7/2014 Yaotian Zuo PhD Andrew Tarko Performance Assessment of Road Barriers in Indiana
10/21/2014 Dr. Mitsuru Saito Professor of Civil Engineering - BYU ITS Technology Application to Winter Maintenance Operations
10/28/2014 Shaikh Ahmad MS Andrew Tarko Capacity-Related Driver Behavior on Modern Roundabouts Built on High-Speed Roads
11/4/2014 Thomas Vandenburg Butler, Fairman & Seufert Civil Engineers Traffic Consulting for the Greater Lafayette Area
11/11/2014 Joe Krause Indiana Passenger Rail Alliance Hoosier State Passenger Rail
11/18/2014 Dr. Zongzhi Li Illinois Institute of Technology Optimal Decision-Making of Interdependent Transportation Investments under Risk and Uncertainty
12/2/2014 Irina Benedyk MS Srinivas Peeta Scenario-based Dynamic Model of Investment Decision Process in Multimodal Facility under Stochastic Demand
12/9/2014 Brad Steckler INDOT A Select Set of Emerging Issues in Traffic Engineering
Date Presenter Degree Adviser Topic
1/20/2015 Feng Zhu PhD Satish Ukkusuri On Dynamic Information Propagation through Inter-Vehicle Communications
1/27/2015 Indraneel Kumar Postdoc A Framework for Statewide Analysis of Site Suitability, Energy Estimation, Life Cycle Costs, Financial Feasibility and Environmental Assessment of Wind Farms: A Case Study of Indiana
2/3/2015 Arif Sadri PhD Satish Ukkusuri Exploring the Effects of Social Ties on Joint Trip Frequency: Ego-centric Social Network Approach
2/10/2015 Zhibo Zhang PhD Samuel Labi Efficiency Measurement of Interstate Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Using Data Envelopment Analysis
2/17/2015 James McLary Environmental, Electronic Taxi service (e2taxi) From a Small Town, to Purdue, to Business Owner in 48 Easy Years
2/24/2015 Dr. Srinivas Peeta Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of the NEXTRANS Center, Purdue University Transportation Supply Side Modeling in the Context of Autonomous Vehicles
3/3/2015 Gregory Shaver Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University Alternative Energy for Transportation
3/10/2015 No Seminar (Road School Week)
3/24/2015 Dr. Satish Ukkusuri Professor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University Big Data Transportation Analytics: A Real Opportunity or a Passing Trend
3/31/2015 Dr. Steven Pekarek Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University Wireless Charging of Vehicles: Opportunities and Barriers
4/7/2015 Nadia Gkritza Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University Transportation and Energy Interdependencies: Implications for Infrastructure Design
4/14/2015 Menna Noureldin PhD Jon Fricker Use of the Pavement Treatment Trigger Policy to Achieve Improved Network Performance with Limited Funding
4/21/2015 Steve Lavrenz PhD Darcy Bullock Field Evaluation of Red Light Running Identification Methods
President MohammadMiralinaghi
Vice President Wayne Bunnell
Secretary Maggie McNamara
Treasurer Jijo Mathew
Social Chair Michelle Mekker
Community Service Coordinator TBD
Webmaster Michelle Mekker
TRB Coordinator Irina Benedyk/td>
Student Chapter Adviser Dr. Darcy Bullock
Student Chapter Coordinator Dr. Jon Fricker

All are welcome to the Purdue ITE Student Chapter, whether you are graduate or undergraduate, transportation engineering student or not. If you would like to join our email list and begin participating within the chapter, please email Mohammad Miralinaghi, the chapter president for the 2015-2016 year. Also, check out our Facebook group.

Purdue ITE members are required to pay dues, either $10 per semester or $20 for the full academic year. Either cash or check are accepted. Member dues help pay for chapter expenses, including but not limited to: snacks during seminars, scholarships, supplies for community service activities, and group trips.

Another member requirement is the attendance of the weekly seminars during the fall and spring semesters. These seminars are a valuable networking tool and a way to learn about the work of both fellow members and professionals in the field.