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IQ Stars

Lower Age: 6+
Price: $9.99
Year Added: 2018
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IQ Stars, a logic puzzle game by Smart Games, is a variant of classic puzzle games  that promotes concentration, problem solving, and logic. This toy is intended for children 6 years or older. The box contains 7 color coded star shaped puzzle pieces, a plastic container that fits the puzzle pieces, and an instruction manual. Instructions are provided in a clear and concise manner with 120 puzzle options that increase in difficulty as the user progresses. Solutions for the puzzles are provided at the end of the booklet.

This game promotes engineering thinking and design by forcing the user to apply logic when solving each puzzle. If the initial layout of the pieces do not fit correctly, (as there is only one solution to each puzzle), the user must use problem solving skills to determine how to place the pieces so they will fit.

Although the gift is great for developing logic and problem solving skills from a young age, the process does become repetitive at times so children may put the toy aside to play with more dynamic toys. However, if you’re on the road and love puzzle games, this is a great portable toy to strengthen the mind.


Engineering thinking and design practices the gift encourages children to do or learn about: Plan a solution, test the solution, analyze a solution, make improvements to the solution, and recognize patterns

Engineering text or context explicitly provided by the gift: a problem to be solved, criteria, constraints  

Additional practices and skills needed by engineers that were addressed by the gift: spatial reasoning skills, creative thinking, problem solving, logical thinking


Overall ratings:

  • Children’s Reviews
    • Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0
    • Feedback:
      • “I like that the levels get harder as you go, and that it is small and portable. It makes you think but is next to hard”
  • Parent’s Reviews
    • Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0
    • Feedback:
      • “This held my daughter's attention. She enjoyed how she was able to complete the levels without frustration”
  • Engineering and STEM Experts Reviews
    • Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0
    • Feedback:
      • “This would be a great game to play on the go. Especially with 8+ year olds, it gives them a fun and educational way to pass time while in the waiting room at a doctor’s office or in the car, etc.”